Thursday, 15 March 2007

Priceless Peace! Overflowing Joy!

I learnt an important truth yesterday, one that I'd been aware of for years. (Sometimes, we need to re-experience truths we have once comprehended).

In the evening, my heart was contemplating a matter. I was attempting to plan for an event. Somehow, things were not just coming together in my spirit. The excitement was there but it was not bubbling over. I was gearing myself to grind through, until... the Lord spoke!

Wow! That was it! Even though I was aware of the heart and timing of God for the issue before the word came, the timely Rhema broke the 'ice' and changed the atmosphere of my spirit. Peace returned! Joy spilled over! The anointing started to build from within! And that was just the beginning! Since yesterday, so much detail about the will and purpose of God has been communicated to me. I am now full of conviction about what God is saying and desiring. (I can't wait to begin sharing this!!!).

It started with a word - a simple word of instruction. Oh that we would all hear God's voice again, and again. The peace it brings is priceless; the joy abundant!


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