Friday, 9 March 2007

When the heart is heavy

As I prepare to preach in a church meeting tonight (RCCG Tottenham), my heart is heavy with a burden from the Lord. God, I believe, has given me a now word to bless and revive His people; His Spirit will be present to empower the delivery and ensure the reception; all the glory will be to God, the One who anoints. This is my heart's prayer.

Earlier in the day, however, there were opportunities for me to be burdened with issues other than kingdom assignment. Domestic and financial affairs threatened to crowd my heart and weigh it down. "Not today," I thought. I could see the enemy from afar. So, by God's grace, I patiently dealt with the situation (for nearly 40 minutes I was searching for a misplaced cheque book, and delayed my wife from going out in the process!). I also chose not to dwell on what I did not have and rather thought of the abundance that was certainly coming my way.

Having now overcome the momentary "attack," standing on top of it and not underneath it, my heart is free to carry the burden of the Lord. The truth is, the heart can only effectively carry one burden at a time. Anxiety and peace do not mix well. Fear and faith don't either.

So, when the heart is heavy, it is worth checking what exactly is occupying its precious space. The burden of the Lord lifts the heart up to heavenly heights, but the cares of this life weigh it down to the pit. I can gladly look forward to the meetings tonight because my heart is, yes, full of divine oracles!


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