Thursday, 15 March 2007

My heart cries out to you, O Lord!

Dear Lord, I can feel your hands stretching me on the inside, pulling and drawing me here and then there. You are enlarging me to contain more of Thee - and how I desperately need more of You! To bless my world, You would need to fill me, and to fill me to overflowing You will need to stretch me. So, the stretching is welcome indeed, only that it comes with a measure of inner pain!

My heart cries out, not for you to stop the stretching, but for you to continue past the point of unrest. I long to enter into Your rest and show others the way therein. Come and abide in me, in the fullness of your glory and power. Do not hold back Your manifest presence; do not limit Your Spirit upon me. Stretch me if You have to, but let Your glory be seen in me. Bless a thirsty soul; encourage a disheartened saint; lift up the head of the weary; touch the world through the fragrance of Your knowledge in me. O Lord, my heart cries out for You!

Thank you for showing forth Your power. You will never fail those who put their trust in You. Amen.


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