Saturday, 17 March 2007

Church in transition

This morning, as I prepare to go to RCCG Tottenham for a 5-hour session on the kingdom, I consider it a privilege from the Lord to have been called upon for this assignment. Last weekend was great and full of purpose; today shall be greater in Jesus' name. God will be present in power and will glorify Himself.

The situation, really, is of a church in transition. Indeed, the entire Church in the UK and globally is in transition. May the Lord raise more servants of His who will help the Body move into the fullness of Kingdom life. This is where we are and where we are going. If we do not step up now, we would have to play catch up later. I do not want to play catch up after the glory cloud has moved on to higher dimensions!

We are a Church in transition; may we keep in step with the Spirit and shine the light of God's glory in all the earth.


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