Thursday, 31 May 2007

No shortcuts

There are no shortcuts to success. No easy routes to manifesting glory. If success and glory are desired destinations, then the necessary process to reaching them, which are sometimes long and tiring, should be welcome without any reservation. Why opt for quick processes that do not lead to glory or last the test of time?

When someone arrives on the scene with the favour and backing of God, it is not immediately obvious how much time and dedication was invested in the presence of God, in obedience, in learning, in growing. God does not perform microwave miracles; we have to take time to learn His principles.

A great destiny awaits anyone who determines to go all the way with God.

Father, the journey has been long, but I will yet keep on going. Around the bends and through the valleys - wherever You lead by Your Spirit. Renew my strength as I wait on You. Help me to walk and not grow weary; run and not grow faint. If I keep on going, I will get to the destination You have ordained for me. Thank You my Father. Thank You forevermore. Amen.


Tuesday, 29 May 2007


I am sitting here watching the swearing in of the new 'democratically elected' president on Nigeria, President Umaru Yaradua. While the election process was not perfect, the changeover is a reality today, the first time since 1960 when a civilian government will hand over to another civilian government. That in itself is an achievement.

As Yaradua makes his inaugural speech, I hear a lot of promises and vows being made. They sound great. My prayer is that the new government will live up to its profession. Words may come cheep, but it takes courage and character to stand on the professed word and fulfil one's oath.

My words, also, need to be precious and binding. Let your "yes" be yes and your "no" be no, is what the Bible teaches. Lord I receive grace to be more like you. Amen.


Monday, 28 May 2007

For the children

Early this bank holiday morning, my two children, one after the other, came to join my wife and I in our bed, squashing their way into the duvet. Yesterday, it was the same story. As I watched them, I began to think that no sacrifice is too much to give these growing souls a good foundation and a legacy of all-round success.

There is no point in 'making it' without 'making them.' The children should be one of the main motivations for all our efforts in life. Whoever else will partake of our grace, they must experience it first. What a responsibility. It transcends just putting food on the table and taking them to school. They have a purpose to fulfil in life and we can influence it for good (or worse) every moment of the day. Whoever does not care for them in this way is worse than an infidel. So says the Holy Writ.

Lord, I commit my children to you. Help me to be a good role model for them in every sense of the word. Amen


Friday, 25 May 2007

Committed to learning

We stop growing when we stop learning. We should all be full-time students of the subject called life, particularly our area of specialty called purpose and destiny. Increased knowledge means increased value. Our value, therefore, cannot exceed our cumulative learning.

Why must I commit myself to learning? Because I have committed myself to purpose. I have committed my life to being a blessing to my generation. I can only bless my world with what I carry on the inside, so the more I add to what I carry, the more I grow in the understanding of what I carry; the more I can affect another's life.

I carry God on the inside. I also have the Holy Spirit, my Teacher. He is always trying to teach me more about what I have. I must, therefore, always be teachable...

I am committed to learning thy precepts, O God!


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I belong to Jesus!

I confess I have become a little bit of a football fan in the last few years. It wasn't my team, Arsenal, playing the Champions League final tonight, but Liverpool, squaring up again AC Milan. Sadly, Liverpool lost...

Now, why post a blog after this unfortunate event? Well, I caught a glimpse of one of the AC Milan players, a Brazillian by the name Kaka (a very good footballer I must add), swinging his shirt in the air and revealing his underwear, which had written on it "I belong to Jesus." This silent witness would have been seen by millions around the world.

Success and excellence gives opportunities for touching more lives than would have been possible otherwise. People are drawn to success and repelled by mediocrity. Anyone diligent in business will stand before kings and not just mere men. This is another way of understanding the words of Christ: "Let your light so shine that men might see and glorify your father in heaven."

Yes Lord! I want my light to shine for your glory! I want to press towards excellence. Help me Lord! Amen.


Following God (3)

Why does God take us through long, winding paths? Surely, there are 'shorter' routes to our Promised Land? This is how we think many times, indirectly implying that God is 'slow' or that there errors in His judgements. But is this really so?

The path that we think is 'quicker' may not lead to His destination for our lives. Such 'quick' routes offer little eternal lessons, leaving us lean in our souls and void of wisdom. What will we pass on to others if we have not learnt anything ourselves?

Also, 'quicker' does not necessarily mean 'better' (it will usually end up being longer anyway). Only in retrospect do we come to respect God's ability to see the end from the beginning. He is not slow concerning His promise; He is, rather, always on time.

All things work together for the good of those who choose to follow God. You may not know the routes He will take you through, but you can surely trust the One who is leading the way. Therefore, follow Him closely, wherever He leads. You will be better equipped for purpose if you follow God's path.

Lord, I will follow you wherever you lead.


Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Following God (2)

If only we allow God to lead the way! No wonder why we're told not to lean on our own understanding. The problem most of the time is that our agenda clashes with God's. We want one thing, God wants another. We want to do things this way, He wants to do it that way. The Spirit and the flesh are constantly battling.

I must come to that place of complete surrender. For one, I don't have an agenda to pursue (should not have). It is God's will done in God's way, accomplishing God's results for God's glory. Why struggle with my Maker? Do I know more than He does? The secret of rest and peace is acknowledging God as Leader and following His lead. This is why the Holy Spirit dwells in us. This is the secret of exploits.

Father, I completely yield myself to Your will and Your way. No more struggle! I choose faith over doubt. I choose obedience over rebellion. I choose the Kingdom over my ambitions. I choose You and You alone. Amen.


Monday, 21 May 2007

Following God

There is nothing like knowing that God is leading the way to the fulfilment of purpose and destiny. We cannot make assumptions about this and be guaranteed arrival at our destination. We must know that we know that we know that He is directing our paths. "My sheep know my voice," Jesus said. With such a knowledge, it is easier to exercise and release faith for exploits.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge the Lord and He shall will direct your path. The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. It is not given to man to order His steps.

Father, you are my Guide. Your are the One I choose to follow. Teach me the way to go. Lead me on the way everlasting. By Your leading, I will walk gloriously in the earth. Thank You for Your commitment to walking with and before me. Amen.


Sunday, 20 May 2007

Be Strong! (2)

This admonition is important because our natural tendency is to gravitate towards weakness. It takes conscious effort to move in the direction of strength. Again, without any deliberate upward force, it is natural for things to be pulled downward. So, "be strong" is a wake-up call that keeps us vigilant against the forces of weakness.

We are called to do exploits, but we need to walk in the knowledge of God and be strong in Him. God will give grace, but we need to be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. This is a daily commitment and not a one-time accomplishment.

Be strong! Only the strong overcome adversity and break through barriers. Be strong! Do all you need to do to walk in the might of the Lord. Pray, fast, study, work on yourself. After all has been done, stand in the strength of the Almighty!

Thank you for your strength O Lord!


Saturday, 19 May 2007

Making a difference

There are always opportunities for us to make a difference in another's life, an eternal difference in the kingdom of God. This is why we were created. This is why we are here.

I want everything I do to make a difference.
I want everything I say to make a difference.
I want everywhere I go to experience the difference I am created to make.

For this purpose I will prepare myself continually for opportunity. I will not be taken unawares. Lord prepare me, a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true. Amen.


Friday, 18 May 2007

Be Strong!

I hear the voice of the Spirit loud and clear: Be Strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! It is not the time to play dead. The Great Warrior lives in us. So, as good soldiers, may we put on the strength of the Lord and stand up strong for the kingdom.

This is the call of the moment. God will show Himself strong on behalf of those who decide to stand in faith for Him. Arise, shine! The light of God's glory is here. Let him that has a purpose in God hear what the Lord is saying.


Wednesday, 16 May 2007

In a flash!

It does not take God any time at all to turn a life around. A moment is too long. One of the greatest miracles of all eternity will happen in a twinkle of an eye. Imagine all the dead in Christ putting on immortality in that length of time!

So, God can do anything, anytime, to anyone. He can turn mourning into dancing. He can turn back the captivity of Zion. I cannot, then, afford to stop believing and expecting. He will do exceedingly, abundantly more than I can ask or think - and He will do it in a flash!


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Only one life

We've been given the precious gift of life, but it can only be lived and invested once. I therefore ask myself: What do I want to be remembered for? Big question, requiring a clear and sincere answer. I've been thinking on this for a while. I am close to an answer, I think.

Whatever the case, I've got only one life to make a difference. Only one life to live for a purpose. I cannot afford to waste it or squander it on the mundane. Only one life to invest in the kingdom of God.

O God, may it count for eternity. In Jesus' name. Amen.


Sunday, 13 May 2007

A prayer for Madeleine

Why would someone abduct a child so young, any child for that matter? What are they trying to achieve? How cruel. How wicked! Our world needs the righteousness of God. We need a revival of God's glory!

Father, you are all-seeing and all-knowing. Madeleine's where about is not a mystery to you. I ask for a miracle of your grace. Let the young girl be found and restored to her family. Watch over her, I pray. Intervene. Let it not end in permanent pain.

I ask for mercy in the name of Jesus. Help everyone who is actively looking for Madeleine. Give them the vital clues they need. Do that which you alone can do. Amen.


Friday, 11 May 2007

An extra mile

Those who succeed and excel in this life choose to do a bit more than their best. Not only do they exceed average expectations, they put in that little extra effort when everyone else has long given up. Extraordinary exploits require the extra effort.

To stand before kings, one needs extra diligence in business. Promotion does not just happen; it requires adequate preparation. And adequate preparation requires a commitment to go an extra mile. Am I ready for this?

A lot hinges on the fulfilment of my purpose. I choose, therefore, to press on, press upwards, press towards the mark, press beyond average. Press, press, press an extra mile. Lord I receive grace for the extra mile.


Thursday, 10 May 2007

Lord, you know me inside out

What do I have to hide from you, dear Lord? From whence can I go from your presence? You know me inside out, you know me too well. My thoughts, even from afar, are known to you. My silent meditations sound clearly in your ears. Lord you know me, I need not shy away. So, I come to you just as I am.

I come boldly, as a child of the King.
I come repentantly, as one who needs mercy.
I come expectantly, requiring your favour.
I come to you, my one and only.

Even through the valleys of life, the dark moments that seek to overshadow the reality of grace, I choose to believe. You give hope in times of uncertainty. Your faithfulness reaches to the skies. O Lord, unto you I surrender. Have your way in me and through. Amen.


Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Greatest Well-digger in the World: (Feedback)

Do you have a comment to make after reading The Greatest Well-digger in the World? The feedback I have been receiving so far has been encouraging and varied. Many have been blessed. There's also been some helpful critique that will make future editions better.

If you enjoyed the book and understood its message, please write your comments on this page. Thanks.


Sunday, 6 May 2007

Fine-tuning focus

The month of May for us at His Kingdom Outreach is a month of vision. We are fine-tuning our focus on the goals God has set for us and taking strides towards their accomplishment.

Without clear vision, people lose concentration. When we lose sight of what God is saying to us, distraction is enitable. The need is, therefore, urgent. I must fine-tune my vision in the presence of the Lord.


Thursday, 3 May 2007

No going back!

Just been back from a 2-day retreat, and still recovering from a bit of hay fever, blocked nose etc. Well, in spite of at that, I am bent on pressing on towards the high call. There is no looking back talk less of going back!

It's good to go away sometimes. Clear the head. Wait on God. On return, new strength builds for the next lap of the race. On returning, I've been able to get on with a publishing task I've been putting off for a while...

So, no going back boy! Fix your eyes as a flint and press on to the next level.

I will Lord!


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