Friday, 1 March 2013

Season of fulfilment

I am persuaded that we are already in a fresh season of prophetic fulfilment. The rate at which the word of the Lord would be performed, both on personal and corporate levels, has quickened and will yet quicken. Those who walk closely with the Lord will not miss this season; those who walk in the deadness of religiousity will have to play catch up.

This season requires proactivity, promptness and purposefulness in our walk. A single word for all these is obedience. In one sense, those who have walked faithfully need only to continue doing that which they have been doing thus far - continue walking faithfully. In another sense, demand will be placed on the faithful to step out of comfortable boats and unto uncomfortable waters. Yes, the Lord is present with us in our battered-by-the-storm boats, but also wants us to be with Him as He demonstrates His lordship over the stormy sea. Christ is Lord in every situation.

New experiences. Same Lord. Mind transformed. Prophecies fulfilled. If we are ready for a new song and a new testimony, then we should not ignore what the Lord is saying at this time. Christ in us is truly the hope of glory. This is a season of maturation in Christ that His glory might be seen in our communities.

Have your way O Lord! Have your way in me!
Take me deeper Lord, deeper into the depths of thee!


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