Saturday, 4 May 2013

It took 3 years to dig this well!

In 2006, the Lord asked me to write a book about the revival that took place in the 1980s through Dr. I.K.U. Ibeneme and the ministry called Faith Clinic. Three years later, I had not done anything about the instruction. When the Lord came to me again in December 2009, He said something that got me going. He said:

"There are records of this move in heaven, but none on earth."

That really got my attention. To the glory of God, the book is now out - after three years of interviewing and writing. Some months were busier than others (particularly, the last few months), but in the whole, it has been a fulfilling assignment. The Lord alone deserves the credit.

I believe that the work is significant because God is getting ready to revive His people again. For this to happen in its fullness, we need to consider this house in its former glory. We need to reconnect with the things God had done in the past and thereafter reach out to the new things He wants to do in our future.

"The Church will be grateful for this work."
- Pastor Alex Adegboye, Stone Church, Ibadan Nigeria


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