Friday, 30 March 2007

I should sleep tonight!

I am remembering the day before the last Publishing Seminar I hosted (February 10). The excitement, expectation and preparations where so much I found it difficult to sleep. Must have slept around 3.30am! Well another event has dawned, the release of The Greatest Well-digger in the World, and I am planning to sleep tonight!

Of course, I am equally excited and expectant, and there are still preparations to make before the programme tomorrow. However, most of what needs to be done is in place. Early preparation in any venture means less stress and, yes, more time for a good sleep!

The Lord will glorify Himself tomorrow. The day is dedicated to Him, to His praise and to His kingdom. May London enter into the rest that has been promised to the faithful. Amen and amen! Father, be exalted.


Thursday, 29 March 2007

Patience is a key

I told my wife in the car this morning, "We need to be patient at this time of birthing, patient with ourselves." I was really talking to myself, and to her of course.

When there are many ideas flowing and opportunities staring, patience is required for possessing the promise. Patience is needed when developing systems. Patience is needed when emotions are running high. It is so easy to take your eye off the goal when overwhelmed by the laborious process that will, eventually, ensure the goal. Patience is the key to possession and accomplishment.

So, continue to do what you are doing, making improvement along the way; be objective enough to receive wise counsel and make productive evaluations; understand that the investment of time at the system-building stage is more important than the results you seek; be a follower of those who through faith and patience inherited the promise... (I am speaking to myself again)... Patience is a key to exploits in the kingdom...


Tuesday, 27 March 2007

My new book arrived this morning!

Praise the God of heaven, the giver of life and inspiration! My new book, The Greatest Well-digger in the World arrived this morning. It looks beautiful! Really, it does. Even after ten books, you still chuckle inside when a new one is released.

The Greatest Well-digger in the world is actually a new turn for me in many ways. Its style is different. Pastor Hugh Osgood, commenting on the style, wrote the following:

The ability to write effectively in different styles is the mark of a good author.

Now, this humbles me. I thank God who challenged my writing comfort zone.

Also, the kingdom message of The Greatest Well-digger in the World is spot on. The Lord will use it to touch many, many lives. When we prayed at home this morning, my wife saw a picture of many hands grabbing copies. May the Lord's will be done and all the praise be to Him. I am now looking forward to Saturday (March 31) for the release. That will be some evening!


Oh, my broadband!

I have not been able to post my blogs for the last few days because my broadband connection at home has been down (in the process of changing suppliers). This has demonstrated to me how much the super highway has become a part of our lives in the 21st century. Even my children miss it because they are super-surfers (with necessary supervision of course!).

The truth is, once you've tasted broadband, you cannot imagine going back to dial-up connection. I do not like slow computers! I'll rather not connect at all, than wait for a dialing tone and a squeaky modem. Sorry, broadband please!

This actually mirrors our relationship with God. How many believers are still waiting for a 64 kps connection to heaven when they can be online all the time at amazing speed, with unlimited upload and download of request and revelation? Having tasted spiritual broadband, it is better to remain disconnected (cold), than get stuck in the slow-track lukewarmness of religiosity. Even Jesus prefers 'broadband' - super hot, kingdom-minded Christianity! I thank God there is no need for me to change suppliers. The Holy Spirit connection is the best in the world!


Friday, 23 March 2007

I am excited!

I am very excited! Something is looming in the horizon! Something big and awesome! It cannot be quantified or fully described, but the manifestations of the kingdom that are beginning to gain momentum is beyond our comprehension!

I must get ready for what is coming. We must all get ready. The level of our readiness will determine the extent of our participation in what God has ordained. Even then, I am still very excited! You will be surprised how much preparation the Lord has already accomplished in you - if you've been faithful and obedient.

So, let the excitement continue to build! Like Jesus said, there are some alive in the earth today who will not taste death before they enter into the fulness of the Kingdom (see Luke 9:27).


Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Too close to the edge

Something has been bugging me recently, since witnessing how a loved one respond to what you will call a disappointing situation. I understand that disappointments can really be discouraging. Deffered hope and dashed expectations demoralise the strongest of us. This I can understand. Really can.

However, it concerns me that believers are living too close to the edge of unbelief. We have an "inch" of our roots into faith and ten "inches" into doubt. We acknowledge a bit of God to make us "Christian", especially when things are rosy, but acknowledge so much of our circumstances when things are not that rosy - and look like infidels in the process. It really burdens me. Oh God, save this generation of believers!

I will rather be rooted and grounded so deep in God that no wind of adversity can uproot me. Like Paul, I want to be able to say "What can separate me from the love of Christ?" Nothing, absolutely nothing! (And when I say that, I want to mean it because it is true). Help us Lord Jesus!


Monday, 19 March 2007

Thank you Lord for ONE MORE DAY!

I woke up this morning with a new song in my spirit, which I sang all morning. When I went to pick up my neighbour's child to school, he said, 'Here's someone who's had a nice time in God's presence this morning!' The truth was, I having a nice time with God even as I sang in his house!

The simple song was Thank You Lord for one more day! Each day should be a celebration of the breath of life - God's life - in us. Each day is an opportunity to experience the goodness of God's grace. Each day is loaded with favour from heaven. Each day is ordained for us to manifest the glory of the Kingdom and testify to people around us that Jesus reigns!

Thank you Lord for one more day!
Thank you for the gift of life!
Thank you for watching over me!
Thank you for your words to me!
I will never be the same today as I was yesterday!
Thank you Lord for one more day!


Sunday, 18 March 2007

This is the DAY the Lord has made!

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! The era of the kingdom of God is NOW here! The day of revival has come! Those who are passionate about the King and His kingdom will enter into this season of glory and spread revival fire everywhere. Revival is not just something we pray to happen; we make it happen through understanding and commitment.

The meetings at RCCG Tottenham confirm this to me afresh. Seeds of revival have been sown and they shall produce a bountiful harvest to the glory of God. This gladdens my heart; it fills me with rejoicing.

Lord, I will go wherever You send me and walk the path set before me. As long as You are with me making a way, I shall fear nothing whatsoever. You have made THIS DAY and prepared THIS HOUR for awesome glory. May your people enter into the fullness of your power, for this is Your day to rule through Your anointed ones. It does not matter the state of affairs in the world; You will rule in the midst of the affairs of nations. Your kingdom has come to London; Your will shall be done in the earth!


Saturday, 17 March 2007

Church in transition

This morning, as I prepare to go to RCCG Tottenham for a 5-hour session on the kingdom, I consider it a privilege from the Lord to have been called upon for this assignment. Last weekend was great and full of purpose; today shall be greater in Jesus' name. God will be present in power and will glorify Himself.

The situation, really, is of a church in transition. Indeed, the entire Church in the UK and globally is in transition. May the Lord raise more servants of His who will help the Body move into the fullness of Kingdom life. This is where we are and where we are going. If we do not step up now, we would have to play catch up later. I do not want to play catch up after the glory cloud has moved on to higher dimensions!

We are a Church in transition; may we keep in step with the Spirit and shine the light of God's glory in all the earth.


Friday, 16 March 2007

I rebel!

Alright, the word rebel has a negative connotation, but I have every right to rebel against everything negative! I refuse to be confined by my natural disposition. I choose to identify fully with my heavenly position in Christ.

I rebel against sickness and disease!
I rebel against lack and insufficiency!
I rebel against worldliness and flesh!
I rebel against confusion and sorrow!
I rebel against pain and destruction!
I rebel against breakdown and stagnation!
I rebel against religion!
I rebel against purposeless Christianity!
I rebel, I rebel, I rebel!

I am determined to enter into and abide always in the fulness of God's kingdom in all its manifold expressions and glorious manifestations. I am equipped by God to rebel against anything and everything that stands against the knowledge of Christ.

I rebel! That's how I read 2 Corinthians 10:3,4.


Thursday, 15 March 2007

Priceless Peace! Overflowing Joy!

I learnt an important truth yesterday, one that I'd been aware of for years. (Sometimes, we need to re-experience truths we have once comprehended).

In the evening, my heart was contemplating a matter. I was attempting to plan for an event. Somehow, things were not just coming together in my spirit. The excitement was there but it was not bubbling over. I was gearing myself to grind through, until... the Lord spoke!

Wow! That was it! Even though I was aware of the heart and timing of God for the issue before the word came, the timely Rhema broke the 'ice' and changed the atmosphere of my spirit. Peace returned! Joy spilled over! The anointing started to build from within! And that was just the beginning! Since yesterday, so much detail about the will and purpose of God has been communicated to me. I am now full of conviction about what God is saying and desiring. (I can't wait to begin sharing this!!!).

It started with a word - a simple word of instruction. Oh that we would all hear God's voice again, and again. The peace it brings is priceless; the joy abundant!


My heart cries out to you, O Lord!

Dear Lord, I can feel your hands stretching me on the inside, pulling and drawing me here and then there. You are enlarging me to contain more of Thee - and how I desperately need more of You! To bless my world, You would need to fill me, and to fill me to overflowing You will need to stretch me. So, the stretching is welcome indeed, only that it comes with a measure of inner pain!

My heart cries out, not for you to stop the stretching, but for you to continue past the point of unrest. I long to enter into Your rest and show others the way therein. Come and abide in me, in the fullness of your glory and power. Do not hold back Your manifest presence; do not limit Your Spirit upon me. Stretch me if You have to, but let Your glory be seen in me. Bless a thirsty soul; encourage a disheartened saint; lift up the head of the weary; touch the world through the fragrance of Your knowledge in me. O Lord, my heart cries out for You!

Thank you for showing forth Your power. You will never fail those who put their trust in You. Amen.


Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Imperfect Weakness, Perfect Strength

Life in the kingdom is a tension between two opposing realities. There is a heavenly reality that should eclipse our earthly experiences, even in the face of the many opportunities and temptations to identify more with the latter. We live 24-7 in the world below, but the question is are we living 24-7 in the world above?

I am quite aware of my many weaknesses. My personality make-up and past experiences tell me that I should only expect to accomplish certain things in this life; they attempt to define how far I can go. But can I depend on them? Because in spite of these glaring 'negatives', I can see the things God has done through me, which raises my expectation of what He can yet do through me. I am further encouraged that God specifically chooses the weak things of this world to confound the strong. So, whilst I may not qualify for greatness based on the world's criteria, in God's books, I more than qualify!

I will not, therefore, allow the ongoing tension to get the best of me. I choose to identify with my heavenly position over my earthly disposition. In a matter of time, if I walk consistently with the Lord, people around will see more of the heavenly than the earthly in me. This is my desire and motivation. Thank you Father for what you've done so far in me. By your grace, I will continue to work out that which you have worked within so that the perfection of your strength will increasingly manifest through the imperfection of my weakness. Amen.


Monday, 12 March 2007

The best birthday yet!

Yesterday, which happened to be my birthday, was a very busy day for many reasons. I had the privilege of preaching God's Word three times, twice at RCCG Tottenham and also during our service at His Kingdom Outreach Church. It was a twelve-hour stretch that left me a bit exhausted afterwards (I am lying down in my bed as I write).

Birthdays are a good time for reflection, but for me, this year's one was more a time of projection. In the early hours of the morning, God gave me a birthday present (Proverbs 11:10,11) that focused my heart on what He wants to do through me in the new year. The times of ministration during the day were also clear demonstrations of His grace for the new season of my life. I thank God for the gift and purpose of life - to be a blessing in His kingdom and for His glory!

Of course, I received a few cards and presents from family, friends and church (a big hamper basket from the RCCG folk), but the prophetic glimpse into how God will use me this year made yesterday the best birthday yet!

(I go back to RCCG Tottenham next Saturday for a 5-hour session on 'Church Growth'. Be glorifed, dear Father, once again!)


Saturday, 10 March 2007

The implanted word @ RCCG Tottenham

Well, praise God! The meeting tonight was glorious! We feasted around God's table and received the implanted word that is able to save our souls. It wasn't an easy word, though. The Lord reached deep down to some fundamental issues surrounding our walk with Him, and refocused our hearts on what really matters in the kingdom - intimate interactions with the Spirit and glory of God. This is, indeed, the secret of every blessing in Christ, the Anointed One.

I pray the purpose of God be fulfilled in the lives of the precious saints that heard the word. I pray that the implanted word will grow and yield a harvest to the glory of God.

The meetings continue on Sunday morning. Father, let's take it to another level! May you once again speak a word in season to the very core of our beings. Amen.


Friday, 9 March 2007

When the heart is heavy

As I prepare to preach in a church meeting tonight (RCCG Tottenham), my heart is heavy with a burden from the Lord. God, I believe, has given me a now word to bless and revive His people; His Spirit will be present to empower the delivery and ensure the reception; all the glory will be to God, the One who anoints. This is my heart's prayer.

Earlier in the day, however, there were opportunities for me to be burdened with issues other than kingdom assignment. Domestic and financial affairs threatened to crowd my heart and weigh it down. "Not today," I thought. I could see the enemy from afar. So, by God's grace, I patiently dealt with the situation (for nearly 40 minutes I was searching for a misplaced cheque book, and delayed my wife from going out in the process!). I also chose not to dwell on what I did not have and rather thought of the abundance that was certainly coming my way.

Having now overcome the momentary "attack," standing on top of it and not underneath it, my heart is free to carry the burden of the Lord. The truth is, the heart can only effectively carry one burden at a time. Anxiety and peace do not mix well. Fear and faith don't either.

So, when the heart is heavy, it is worth checking what exactly is occupying its precious space. The burden of the Lord lifts the heart up to heavenly heights, but the cares of this life weigh it down to the pit. I can gladly look forward to the meetings tonight because my heart is, yes, full of divine oracles!


Thursday, 8 March 2007

God interested in MY Blogs?

For the last few days, perhaps weeks, the Lord has been prompting me to start a Blog. I managed to brush the tugging aside until today, after speaking with a dear sister who told me of her own blog, and the first thing that comes to mind is, why is God interested in Blogs - in my Blog for that matter?

Well, I won't hypothesise here, but for me, this is an extension of my personal journaling and inspirational writing. For years, more than 20 actually, I have been recording my thoughts in notebooks. I now have a stack of them piled away around the house - and the garage. Writing in this way helps me open my heart up to God in a way that sometimes praying does not accomplish. When writing to no audience other than God, it is hard not to be sincere. Openness and transparency has been a rule in my years of journaling.

Perhaps these 'logs' will be a test of such openness. They might even be a source of uplifting to someone out there. For me, these writings will serve the same purpose as the last 20 years; markers on my journey to my 'ordained place', the place called destiny. I will write exactly what is in my heart at the time - the good and the not so good. And if only God reads them, I would have succeeded in obeying and satisfying Him. There you go, Lord, my first post!


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