Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Imperfect Weakness, Perfect Strength

Life in the kingdom is a tension between two opposing realities. There is a heavenly reality that should eclipse our earthly experiences, even in the face of the many opportunities and temptations to identify more with the latter. We live 24-7 in the world below, but the question is are we living 24-7 in the world above?

I am quite aware of my many weaknesses. My personality make-up and past experiences tell me that I should only expect to accomplish certain things in this life; they attempt to define how far I can go. But can I depend on them? Because in spite of these glaring 'negatives', I can see the things God has done through me, which raises my expectation of what He can yet do through me. I am further encouraged that God specifically chooses the weak things of this world to confound the strong. So, whilst I may not qualify for greatness based on the world's criteria, in God's books, I more than qualify!

I will not, therefore, allow the ongoing tension to get the best of me. I choose to identify with my heavenly position over my earthly disposition. In a matter of time, if I walk consistently with the Lord, people around will see more of the heavenly than the earthly in me. This is my desire and motivation. Thank you Father for what you've done so far in me. By your grace, I will continue to work out that which you have worked within so that the perfection of your strength will increasingly manifest through the imperfection of my weakness. Amen.


Doja,  19 March 2007 at 19:30  

I can relate to this. I have great ideas but negative thoughts or what I see of myself debar me from going further with them, but I am trusting God for this particular idea that I have that He will equip me and strengthen me for it and that He will make it come to pass. I am working towards preparing myself for this idea. Like Tommy Tenny said, "Favour is when preparation meets opportunity, Success is what happens when preparation meets potential".

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