Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The end of 2007 is in sight!

Truth is, it has been in view since October at the least. The Spirit of prophecy has been revealing a lot about the times that are upon us. Last minute 'New Year Resolutions' will not suffice. Now is the time to get in tune with the Lord and anticipate the move of His Spirit in the new year.

Two cannot walk together lest they are in agreement. So, let us all align ourselves with the One who knows and leads the way. This is the only guarantee for walking in the centre of God's purpose for our lives.

Lord make me ready for 2008, the year of influence and glorious new horizons. Amen.


Friday, 7 December 2007

A revolution is on the way!

Blogging from Embassy of God in Kiev. So glad to be at the Winter Fast to witness first hand a revolution that is about to hit the body of Christ and the world. This is no joke; the message of the kingdom of righteousness will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea!

This is what my whole being has been waiting for; the true essence of life in God. Such a shaking is about to hit the religious system of "Charismagic Christianity". Sadly, the lamp of many will stop burning because they have run out of oil. Please, please, NOW is the time for us to fill up in God and trim our lamps. Every out-of-line concept that is not based on the totality of God's Truth will be shaken to the core. Do not be caught unawares.

I have seen, heard and worshipped with many living testimonies. Ex-drug addicts now reaching other drug addicts; ex-prostitutes now living free and influencing thousands of school students; ex-transexual launching a ministry to others still bound... the list is endless. Every sphere of society is being covered by the great army I have fellowshipped with here in Kiev. Now, the understanding and revelation that birthed this church is going global through the Churchshift movement. I am glad to be a part.

Let the earth hearken for the glory of God is here!


Monday, 3 December 2007

13 years to the day! Thank you Jesus!

I am typing from the airport, due to fly out to Eastern Europe (Kiev) in a few minutes, but only after a full day of celebrating our 13th year anniversary! So much to thank God for. So much to remember. This is the truth of the matter: I married the right person God ordained for me and will do it again if given the chance!

So, thank your for Mine, Lord. Thank you for bringing us this far. Our times our in your hand and the future is secure in you. May our love continue to grow in spite of the circumstances. Help us to raise our children in the ways of righteousness and help us to be a blessing to our generation. AGAPE4EVER to the glory of your name!


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