Tuesday, 27 March 2007

My new book arrived this morning!

Praise the God of heaven, the giver of life and inspiration! My new book, The Greatest Well-digger in the World arrived this morning. It looks beautiful! Really, it does. Even after ten books, you still chuckle inside when a new one is released.

The Greatest Well-digger in the world is actually a new turn for me in many ways. Its style is different. Pastor Hugh Osgood, commenting on the style, wrote the following:

The ability to write effectively in different styles is the mark of a good author.

Now, this humbles me. I thank God who challenged my writing comfort zone.

Also, the kingdom message of The Greatest Well-digger in the World is spot on. The Lord will use it to touch many, many lives. When we prayed at home this morning, my wife saw a picture of many hands grabbing copies. May the Lord's will be done and all the praise be to Him. I am now looking forward to Saturday (March 31) for the release. That will be some evening!


Seyi,  28 March 2007 at 17:41  

Thank God for the new book.
I pray God will make you hit the mark...'The best Seller'

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