Thursday, 26 July 2007

Wait and see!

Why do the heathen rage and the enemies imagine a vain thing? Circumstances and long-standing problems like to taunt. "Where is your God," they say. "Is He not able to save you?" "I guess He really loves you, eh?"

It can be hard, I agree, but my advice is, 'Wait on the Lord; He is able to save.' Do not accept satan's evil suggestions. After all, the accusing loser said the same taunting words to Jesus when our King was being crucified on the cross. Why fret when victory is yours at the end? Remember that Jesus rose from the dead on the third day!

Just wait and see the awesome deliverance of God in your life!


Tuesday, 24 July 2007


What force! What devastation! What next?

The nation has been rocked by torrents of rain and rising river levels. Hundreds of homes have been affected; roads made for cars have become passageways for boats. Insurance costs keep soaring; more rain is being forecast...

Incidences like this are never fully anticipated. Some preparation was in place but it just was not adequate. Another £2bn has been promised. So much, too late (at least for the present crisis). We pray comfort for the affected communities.

Now, revival will have the same effect, especially if we are not ready for it. How well will the church cope with a mighty outpouring of righteousness? Will the move of the Spirit be a rain of blessing or judgement? All our hidden dirt will be uncovered by the flood and our weak infrastructures will be shaken by the glory. Now is the time to prepare ourselves. Committing our all after the outpouring will be too much, too late. Selah.


Monday, 23 July 2007

So close, so far?

Do you feel like you are so close to something you have been waiting for, yet it seems so far away? It seems like you are just about to attain and then there's a bit more stretching to do? My only advice to you, my friend, is this: KEEP ON HOLDING ON! You will certainly reap a harvest if you do not give in to quit-now temptation.


Saturday, 21 July 2007

Long time, no blog!

A dear sister sent me an email recently saying it had been a while since she received one from me. In that same week, someone else wrote to say she missed my articles. Needless to say, they both got me thinking.

There is power in the inspired word. You never know how much your 'few' words is blessing someone. Although it requires effort, the result of changed lives and perpectives is worthwhile. It is important to keep on doing those things that can add value to the lives of others. For me, it means 'Keep on writing'!

What does it mean to you?

Apologies, Lord, for not blogging as I should!


Friday, 6 July 2007

I'm lovin' it!

No, I've not been eating McDonalds lately. It's the word of God that has been sweet to my taste!

The effects of revelation are tremendous, not just to my spiritual taste buds, but also to my life's purpose and destiny. Everything evolves around the word of God; we all exist because of the word.

What the Holy Spirit expounded in my heart today has blessed the depths of my being. Its effects will last for a very long time. It will also produce much fruit for others to enjoy (presuming I am good soil for the seed of the word!).

Thank you Lord for revealing truth in me. Help me to be a doer of the word and a bearer of much fruit. Amen.


Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Word

All things were created through the application of God's powerful word. He still works through His word today.

I was blessed by the a portion of Scripture today. I felt an immediate impact of the revelation the Spirit shared with me. I will continue to meditate on the word and allow it to take full control of my life and actions. This is the secret of glorious manifestations.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, O Lord.


Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Help in time of need

There is help available from our High Priest, the Bishop of our soul. When we come to Him boldly and with expectation, He will not turn us back. Truth is, times of need are sometimes ever-present. So is our Helper - an ever-present Help in needy hours.

So, let's remain hopeful as we come to Him. There is nothing too hard that He cannot deal with. Absolutely nothing.


Sunday, 1 July 2007

Grace for the race

The 1st of July; the beginning of the second half of 2007; an opportunity to review and refire; a time to receive fresh grace for the race.

It is good to look back in order to look forward, but do not look back too long otherwise you will not make progress. God gives grace for moving onwards and not backwards. Refresh your goals and move on to the finish line.

Lord I receive grace for my race. Amen.


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