Sunday, 6 September 2009

It's OK to feel vulnerable

When we follow God, especially through paths unknown, we are bound to have an inner sense of vulnerability. Contrary to what many have been taught, feelings of helplessness is not a lack of faith; they could, in fact, be a sign of progress in the journey of purpose.

Which is safer, staying in the "boat of comfort" or walking on the "waters of uncertainty"? Of course the former. "Walking on water" is utter foolishness to human reasoning. But sometimes, God's leading may require a step in the direction of vulnerability. Ask Peter. Agreed, he began to sink when he saw the boisterous waves, but then was rescued by the Lord who is always close by, always watching, ever present to help the helpless who call upon Him. Ask Peter again. He was not carried back to the boat and given a lesson on "safety first"; he and the Lord walked back on the same water that once threatened to destroy him. We may never learn lessons of faith if we do not go through seasons of vulnerability.

Whilst I am not advocating recklessness in our life decisions, it is certain that the call and leading of God will often times expose what we are really holding unto inside - God or something else. And it's OK to feel helpless when holding unto the invisible.

Why did Jesus pray as much as He did? Because He was helpless without God's help. Prayer and intimacy with God are divine remedies to human vulnerability. This is how missionaries of old spread the knowledge of God to the ends of the earth. This is how we must do it too.

Paul gloried in his weaknesses because they kept him dependent on God, and this dependency always made grace available for him. Thus the words of Christ, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Lord, I am gazing in the direction in which you are pointing, and all I can feel is utter helplessness in my self. My heart cries out to you, my Help. Guide me by Your Spirit. Make clear your leading and I will follow all the way, even when I feel vulnerable. Amen.


Friday, 4 September 2009

Unfamiliar paths

We all want God to lead us. We expect Him to. What we don't always want is the unfamiliar paths He sometimes leads us on. These kind of "leadings" reveal the depth of our knowledge of and confidence in Him. Do I know God as the One who knows all things, all paths, the end from the beginning? Am I confident enough to follow Him even when I cannot recognise my surroundings?

Experience is not a bad thing, but if I am always relying on my past experiences and not the Lord, I will end up with limited "new" experiences and remain confined to my yesterday. God is bigger than my yesterday; He holds the key to my tomorrow.

A true well-digger is ready to leave the comfort of the "familiar" and follow God's voice to the Promised Land. A true well-digger will keep on following God no matter the obstacles on the way. If I stop "digging" half-way just because the journey is getting a bit dark and strange, I won't discover the fresh water of life that can bless countless communities. I am a well-digger; I will keep on following. His grace is available, even along unfamiliar paths.

Shepherd of my soul, I give you full control
Wherever You may lead I will follow
I have made a choice, to listen for Your voice
Wherever You may lead I will go


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Practically overwhelmed!

The Psalmist said it all: "When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I" (Psalm 61:1,2). At times, it does not take too much for the heart to become flooded with feelings of helplessness. This little organ, physically speaking, does so much on behalf of the body, pumping blood non-stop through miles of veins. As complicated and delicate its task, God knows that the heart is capable of carrying out its function effectively.

In the same way, our responsibilities and prevailing circumstances may involve so much, yet, God is able to help us bear them all. And when they make us feel as if our very life is slipping away, we can cry out to the God who hears the prayers of the righteous. He will doubtlessly attend to us and give us grace to overcome.

Whatever the overwhelming situation you are in, get ready to be lifted high to the Rock, even Jesus the Christ!


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wisdom of the Living One (2)

This post is dedicated to my sister Doja, whose husband, Chris Adun (1964-2009), went to be with the Lord on Saturday morning, August 22.

No one is ever fully prepared for the tragedies of life. And even though Jesus said they will happen, rejoicing in the One who overcame the world is not our usual first reaction. I guess it shows we are still human. After this experience of great loss, Doja has amazingly shown her strong faith in God, with people constantly commenting on how "strong" she's been. But let us not forget that she's still human too.

None of us can imagine the gravity of the situation with Chris - the hospital visits, surgery, time spent at the hospice - with Doja, solidly at his side, still finding time to faithfully minister to others. She continued her weekly 'Song of the Week' post on FB and chose to worship God than complain. That, in my opinion, is one of the secrets of her strength at this time. True worship leads to intimacy, which builds character and fortifies us against the storms of life.

Well done, Doja. Yes you have to be strong, but not in yourself. As "the system" hurries you on and leaves you with little time to mourn, be aware that a fresh wave of reality will hit when Chris's body is laid to rest. Even at this time, I know you will be strong, because "The Living One" is right by your side. Your ability to face the future from then on will rest not on yourself, but on Christ, the Conqueror of death and hades.

Because He lives, you can face tomorrow
Because He lives, all fear is gone
Because you know he holds the future
And life is worth the living just because He lives


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Wisdom of the Living One (1)

I love the way Jesus introduces Himself to us in Revelation (one of many): "I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever!" (1:18). This simple statement captivates my heart. If Christ is the Living One, then everything outside Him is estranged from Life. I will rather be in the Living One than in the 'dead one'!

Jesus is my Life Coach! He is Life itself, the author and finisher of all that truly live.

When I follow His footsteps, I cannot miss my way.
When I hearken to His voice, I gain understanding.
When I remain connected to Him, I experience His everlasting life.

Jesus, the Living One, has all authority in the highest heaven and the deepest hell. What else can anyone ask for?

Lord, fill me with your wisdom each day as I seek to "dig wells" to your glory. Amen.


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wisdom of the dead (3)

In my opinion, one of the most profound statements made by mortal man is, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Paul, with these words, established the superiority of eternity over this present life. Surely, a man who had visited the "third heavens" would know the difference between the earthly and the heavenly.

After weeks of praying for my brother-in-law, Chris Adun, who battled with cancer for a few months, he finally went to be with the Lord yesterday. Chris and my sister, Doja, believed for total recovery till the very last moment. But God always knows best. He is Sovereign and rules over all situations.

But is it really a "loss"? In the physical, yes, because Chris we will no longer see on this side of eternity. From a spiritual standpoint, and according to Paul's perspective, it is a "gain". If we can ask Chris today if he will want to come back to the Earth having tasted a few "hours" at home with Jesus, as much as he loves my sister and his children, he will most likely choose the "gain" of staying in heaven. It's hard for us to comprehend, but it is the truth. No amount of earthly comfort can compare with the joy of abiding in God's presence forever!

We will always remember Chris for good. Although he now sleeps, his voice speaks loud and clear. May the Lord uphold Doja and her children with His mighty hand of love. In due course, may the pain of Chris's departure be swallowed up by the gain of his newfound abode. Amen.


Friday, 21 August 2009

Wisdom of the dead (2)

We all love the spectacular - sensational, attention-grabbing headlines that engage our senses and influence our thinking. Media houses are sold on this mindset, particularly with regards to "bad news". Stories of death, horror, the unexplained... these move faster than common sense "good news". This was the once-rich man's philosophy too.

"Please, father Abraham," he requested desperately, "send Lazarus to my family so he could warn them of the reality of life after death."

"That's a good idea," commended father Abraham, who wasn't surprised at the sudden evangelistic fervour that seemed to overcome the once-rich man. "But they have The Writings of Moses. These should suffice."

"The Writings? Those Dead Sea scrolls of years past? What can they do compared to the instant impact of Lazarus rising from the dead? Surely, the testimony of Lazarus will convince my five brothers to change their lifestyle and turn to God."

Father Abraham shook his head from side to side. "If they do not believe The Writings, they will not bulge even if the dead rises up from the grave."

The once-rich man tried to argue further but only a dry gulp of wind went through his scorched throat. In a flash, he recalled how much of The Writings he knew in his lifetime but sadly did not practice...

I have decided afresh to devote my life to the crafting of words, and to help others do the same. Writings, silent messengers on the printed page, wisdom that lingers long after their creators leave the Earth; these have the power to change a generation of people much more effectively than the spectacular, crowd-pulling events that catches everyone's fancy in the church world today. Events are not bad, but they should only affirm and complement The Writings. So said father Abraham (and Jesus who shared the story).

If you are called to produce writings, please do so from your heart, with Spirit. The once-rich men of years past are praying for you to reach their brethren before they cross the point of no return.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wisdom of the dead (1)

We don't like thinking about death. Why should we? After all, life will always go on and on without any unwanted interruption. Well, not quite. The parable of the rich fool (Luke 12:16-20) warns about the shortness of life and the unpredictability of death. It may not be a preferred subject of meditation, but when we do pause and ponder, those who die, especially our loved ones, can impart much wisdom to the living.

Nine years ago, I published a book for a dear friend, a well-loved woman who was passionate about God and people. Not long after From Trash to Treasure was published, we started to work on a second book, Treasures of Success. We never released the planned sequel because Ronke Sanusi went to be with the Lord before she could finish writing.

I remember the Sunday morning when the phone rang and the news was relayed. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I recalled the many times we had shared about purpose and destiny. I was grateful for playing a part in releasing From Trash to Treasure, and rededicated my life afresh to the reason why I am alive. I determined not to be indifferent to purpose, and to make a difference in God's Kingdom before death knocks on the door.

I have gone back to this portion from Ronke's book many times. Today, I am meditating on it once again:

I have since discovered that the greatest tragedy in life is not death but gravestones announcing unfulfilled potential. The other day I drove through a quiet cemetery in Columbus Ohio, and could not restrain myself from shaking my head as I saw children buried at the age of 12 and 15. The inscriptions on their grave was all they had to show for their lives - nothing more. I left the place so sad in my spirit, not because they died but because they did not live; they were buried with all they could have been. Right there and then I decided I will deprive the grave of all I have. I will die totally empty; I will exhaust my potential by maximising it here on earth before I sleep in the grave.
- From Trash to Treasure, page 60, 61

Lord, I will die empty. I will bless my world will all that you have put in me, Amen.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Rediscovery of Self

My Creator knows me inside out. He knows me so well, more than I know myself. He also knows my purpose, the very thing He created me to do and be. As for me, my knowledge is in part. So also is my commitment - at times. How grateful I am that His commitment is total.

I nearly missed my way. I was heading in the wrong direction. I had lost sight of what He had called me. Until His mighty hand came to rescue me. He stepped in and pulled my reins. He brought His word to my consciousness and helped me to rediscover myself. The Lord called me to write - I guess that makes me a writer!

Oh the joy of self-rediscovery! It sets me free from every attractive alternative and focuses me on the task ahead. I am now ready to pursue the purpose of God for my life with every fibre within me.

Oh Lord, help me to continue panting after you, for as I find you, I discover myself in thee.


Saturday, 15 August 2009

New life!

I recently discovered the benefit of dying daily: New life always emerges out of every death experience. When I refuse to die to self, I hinder the flow of life from within. In contrast, as I lay my all on the altar of sacrifice, precious grace is made available from the Throne of Grace itself. I will forever be grateful for the zoe life of God that is new every morning - after every night on the cross!

Thank you Lord!


Sunday, 8 March 2009

It's all coming together now!

I don't know how long you've been waiting for the manifestation of God's prophecies in your life? Do you feel like something is about to happen but don't know how or when exactly? Well, just sit back and relax in the knowledge that everything WILL come together in God's perfect time (and things are beautiful in God's time).

The words of God in our lives are like tiny "puzzle" pieces that we always try to fit together, many times without much success. We try to figure out what this word means and when that word will manifest. All we need to do, really, is obediently follow the Lord's leading and allow Him to fit all the prophecy pieces together. The result will be the beautiful masterpiece that He designed before we came into the world.

I am humbled by all that is happening in my life at this time. All the pieces are coming together now! I am understanding more fully how each word fits and my unique place in God's Kingdom. To God be all the glory for all that He has done!


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Overwhelmed with excitement!

Have you ever had expectations that were just about to be fulfilled? When last were you in circumstances that were too good to be true? I am sure you know what it means to be excited to the point of not being able to sleep!... This is exactly what I am experiencing at the moment!

God is doing some awesome things and I am grateful to Him.

Father, my heart is overwhelmed with your joy! Every word you have spoken will come to pass to the glory of your name!


Sunday, 22 February 2009

I will survive!

Last week was a very intense week of pressure and attack. But, to the glory of God, I have survived! Halleluyah!

There are times when one is tempted to conclude that there is no way out of certain adversities, but the Word of God is final - there is ALWAYS a way out of trials. No temptation is too hard for us to bear (God will not allow the one that will crush us to come our way).

So, thank God. I have survived and will survive! I will live to glorify my God in the land of the living. The Kingdom of God will advance through my life! This is the will and verdict of God!


Thursday, 12 February 2009

I can explain!

I can't believe it! Well, I can. I've not blogged for nearly a year! The grace was not just there as it was the first year of blogging. Sorry to all. Sorry Lord!

A lot of things have happened since last entry. I just got busy with a few things. Preparations for History Makers Bible School (, which started last September with Pastor Sunday Adelaja; going full time with the Church work and publishing; family commitments etc. I really had a lot on my plate and could not get to blog as much. I even got sucked into Facebook! Yea, search me out (Israel Emmanuel) and I'll confirm you as a friend!

To God be all the glory for the good things He has done! Life continues. Vision remains intact. Focus is being maintained. Testimonies will abound!

Well, perhaps I am back to blogging. We'll see. I am not really a sophisticated blogger as I don't have the time to add the fancy bits (pics, styles and all). I'm just a writer to the glory of God!

BTW, the new website of our church ( is being launched in a few days (February 15). Can't wait!

Lord, I love you!


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