Thursday, 29 March 2007

Patience is a key

I told my wife in the car this morning, "We need to be patient at this time of birthing, patient with ourselves." I was really talking to myself, and to her of course.

When there are many ideas flowing and opportunities staring, patience is required for possessing the promise. Patience is needed when developing systems. Patience is needed when emotions are running high. It is so easy to take your eye off the goal when overwhelmed by the laborious process that will, eventually, ensure the goal. Patience is the key to possession and accomplishment.

So, continue to do what you are doing, making improvement along the way; be objective enough to receive wise counsel and make productive evaluations; understand that the investment of time at the system-building stage is more important than the results you seek; be a follower of those who through faith and patience inherited the promise... (I am speaking to myself again)... Patience is a key to exploits in the kingdom...


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