Thursday, 8 March 2007

God interested in MY Blogs?

For the last few days, perhaps weeks, the Lord has been prompting me to start a Blog. I managed to brush the tugging aside until today, after speaking with a dear sister who told me of her own blog, and the first thing that comes to mind is, why is God interested in Blogs - in my Blog for that matter?

Well, I won't hypothesise here, but for me, this is an extension of my personal journaling and inspirational writing. For years, more than 20 actually, I have been recording my thoughts in notebooks. I now have a stack of them piled away around the house - and the garage. Writing in this way helps me open my heart up to God in a way that sometimes praying does not accomplish. When writing to no audience other than God, it is hard not to be sincere. Openness and transparency has been a rule in my years of journaling.

Perhaps these 'logs' will be a test of such openness. They might even be a source of uplifting to someone out there. For me, these writings will serve the same purpose as the last 20 years; markers on my journey to my 'ordained place', the place called destiny. I will write exactly what is in my heart at the time - the good and the not so good. And if only God reads them, I would have succeeded in obeying and satisfying Him. There you go, Lord, my first post!


Doja,  13 March 2007 at 23:08  


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