Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Oh, my broadband!

I have not been able to post my blogs for the last few days because my broadband connection at home has been down (in the process of changing suppliers). This has demonstrated to me how much the super highway has become a part of our lives in the 21st century. Even my children miss it because they are super-surfers (with necessary supervision of course!).

The truth is, once you've tasted broadband, you cannot imagine going back to dial-up connection. I do not like slow computers! I'll rather not connect at all, than wait for a dialing tone and a squeaky modem. Sorry, broadband please!

This actually mirrors our relationship with God. How many believers are still waiting for a 64 kps connection to heaven when they can be online all the time at amazing speed, with unlimited upload and download of request and revelation? Having tasted spiritual broadband, it is better to remain disconnected (cold), than get stuck in the slow-track lukewarmness of religiosity. Even Jesus prefers 'broadband' - super hot, kingdom-minded Christianity! I thank God there is no need for me to change suppliers. The Holy Spirit connection is the best in the world!


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