Friday, 30 March 2007

I should sleep tonight!

I am remembering the day before the last Publishing Seminar I hosted (February 10). The excitement, expectation and preparations where so much I found it difficult to sleep. Must have slept around 3.30am! Well another event has dawned, the release of The Greatest Well-digger in the World, and I am planning to sleep tonight!

Of course, I am equally excited and expectant, and there are still preparations to make before the programme tomorrow. However, most of what needs to be done is in place. Early preparation in any venture means less stress and, yes, more time for a good sleep!

The Lord will glorify Himself tomorrow. The day is dedicated to Him, to His praise and to His kingdom. May London enter into the rest that has been promised to the faithful. Amen and amen! Father, be exalted.


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