Sunday, 18 March 2007

This is the DAY the Lord has made!

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! The era of the kingdom of God is NOW here! The day of revival has come! Those who are passionate about the King and His kingdom will enter into this season of glory and spread revival fire everywhere. Revival is not just something we pray to happen; we make it happen through understanding and commitment.

The meetings at RCCG Tottenham confirm this to me afresh. Seeds of revival have been sown and they shall produce a bountiful harvest to the glory of God. This gladdens my heart; it fills me with rejoicing.

Lord, I will go wherever You send me and walk the path set before me. As long as You are with me making a way, I shall fear nothing whatsoever. You have made THIS DAY and prepared THIS HOUR for awesome glory. May your people enter into the fullness of your power, for this is Your day to rule through Your anointed ones. It does not matter the state of affairs in the world; You will rule in the midst of the affairs of nations. Your kingdom has come to London; Your will shall be done in the earth!


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