Thursday, 30 June 2011

He makes all things beautiful

God is never too late or too early. He is never in a hurry either. He knows that to everything there is a time and a season, and when the time is right time for the manifestation of a thing, it is always beautiful.

We are the ones who are usually in a hurry. We want everything now. Blessings, now. Promotion, now. Manifestation of prophecies, now. A fruit eaten before its ripe time only causes tummy upsets. It is better to wait for the right season and cease upsetting ourselves and everyone around us.

This makes me recall the dream of a dear friend (who has since passed on to glory). In his dream, he saw himself in a news studio. Cameras were focusing; lights were beaming; it was time for the news to be read. Backstage, my friend was restless - he wanted to be the one broadcasting the news. He kept on saying, "I want to read the news, I want to read the news", and eventually he was allowed to take centre stage and read the news.

As he took his seat in front of the lights and cameras, he suddenly realised he did not have the day's news. "I don't have any news! I don't have any news!" he kept on saying to himself, and then he woke up...

It is better to wait patiently for our ordained season, than to step out prematurely and fail woefully. God makes all things beautiful in their season.

Your season is coming and has now come! No more hurrying; no more worrying! In Jesus' name!


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