Monday, 6 June 2011

Watch and pray! (2)

Many believers pray and pray and pray... but they are not obeying the commandment to watch. If we are not watchful, how will we see danger that needs to be avoided on our path? Again, if we are not watchful, how will we know when the Lord opens the doors of opportunity before us? What about when multiple doors open and we have to determine which one is the Lord and which one is the enemy? Watching is a must; we cannot survive in the spirit without being watchful.

Watching engages all our spiritual faculties; it requires an ability to judge rightly and respond accordingly. We dare not watch casually, otherwise we will become a casualty. Jesus never took watching lightly, which is why nothing ever took Him by surprise.

I am expectant in the spirit; not apprehensive, but watchful. I will not miss all that God has for me because I am watching, and He is watching over me. (I pray the same for you too!).


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