Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Watch and pray! (3)

Which is more important, watching or praying? The answer is straightforward: neither. Both watching and praying are of equal importance, hence the conjunction "and". We are not to do one without the other.

Some do more watching than praying, while others do more praying than watching. Both sets of people, after a while, will end up lopsided in spirit and life. Believers who truly watch and pray experience a balance in their lives that ultimately bears the fruit of wisdom. For those who only watch presume the sole responsibility for action is theirs, those who only pray shelve the responsibility for action solely on God, but those who watch and pray become co-workers with God for the fulfillment of purpose and destiny.

O how sweet it is to walk with Jesus! To enjoy fellowship with Him and become a co-worker with Him! A commitment to watching and praying will ensure that we enter into the blessedness in Christ.


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