Wednesday, 6 July 2011

JESUS IS MY LORD! The full implication of this

After Thomas placed his finger in the nail piercings in Jesus' hands, he exclaimed "My Lord and my God" (John 20:27,28). From that moment on, all his doubts about the resurrection of Christ and the glory of His Person faded away. In their place rose faith and a lifelong commitment to the purpose for which Christ had called him. When I declare, "Jesus is my Lord", I would like to believe it is borne out of no less a realisation and resolve.

First, Jesus has ownership over me. I do not own my life and thus cannot determine my course. The devil once owned me but he can no longer stake a claim on me. The blood flowing from the hands of Jesus is proof of His purchase of my life.

Second, Jesus has the rule over me. He directs my going out and coming in. He is Lord over my pursuits. His word is the light guiding all that I do. He establishes my purpose and sends me forth to be fruitful for Him.

Third, Jesus holds all rights to me. I am His through and through. I cannot hold anything back. His rights over my time, treasure and talents are exclusive. There's nothing that I have apart from what He has given me.

Fourth, Jesus is worthy of glory from me. My pursuit of purpose is for His glory. Everything I do is to make His name great in the earth. Every well I dig in this life is for His praise. He is Lord over all I my achievements.

Fifth, Jesus entrusts His authority to me. I am His ambassador in this life. All I do is in His stead. For this purpose, I have access to all that He has. All that my Lord has is mine and I am His. I don't take this lightly but live with a sense of responsibility - as one who would one day give an account.

There is no fear, doubt or pretense as I declare Jesus is MY Lord!


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