Thursday, 23 June 2011

Have you finished digging your first well?

One of your goals in life should be to become a digger of wells, and not just a drinker of water. Many spend all their lives surviving as a mere water-drinker and never experience the paradigm shift of a well-digger. No one remembers the water-drinker for the volume of water that he consumed. However, generations of men will remember the well-digger for the volume of water that he produced.

I want to iterate the need to possess a vision of digging a few wells in your lifetime - structures and establishments that will continue to serve communities of men long after you have gone. The world cannot do without such visionaries, for without well-diggers, the people perish. The survival of many water-drinkers is linked to the significance of one well-drinker. Be the significant one and not the surviving many.

There is one well that is essential before you embark on the digging of more. You cannot overlook this well and busy yourself with others. Your first well will produce the strength and inspiration you need for every other well. This first well is the well of your heart. It must flow with life, wisdom, grace and understanding. It must be free from hurts, offences, filth and burdens. It must be the source of all else you do - the channel through which God's power ceaselessly flows.

So I ask: Have you finished digging your first well? Are you busy with many secondary things and are neglecting the condition of your heart? Until you break through on the inside you cannot experience a breakthrough on the outside. Breakdowns in your circumstances are sometimes traceable to breakdowns on the inside. With all your digging, make sure you finish digging your first well!

Your first well is you; dig it well! Let the real you be seen! Let the life in you be released!


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