Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Rediscovery of Self

My Creator knows me inside out. He knows me so well, more than I know myself. He also knows my purpose, the very thing He created me to do and be. As for me, my knowledge is in part. So also is my commitment - at times. How grateful I am that His commitment is total.

I nearly missed my way. I was heading in the wrong direction. I had lost sight of what He had called me. Until His mighty hand came to rescue me. He stepped in and pulled my reins. He brought His word to my consciousness and helped me to rediscover myself. The Lord called me to write - I guess that makes me a writer!

Oh the joy of self-rediscovery! It sets me free from every attractive alternative and focuses me on the task ahead. I am now ready to pursue the purpose of God for my life with every fibre within me.

Oh Lord, help me to continue panting after you, for as I find you, I discover myself in thee.


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