Friday, 21 August 2009

Wisdom of the dead (2)

We all love the spectacular - sensational, attention-grabbing headlines that engage our senses and influence our thinking. Media houses are sold on this mindset, particularly with regards to "bad news". Stories of death, horror, the unexplained... these move faster than common sense "good news". This was the once-rich man's philosophy too.

"Please, father Abraham," he requested desperately, "send Lazarus to my family so he could warn them of the reality of life after death."

"That's a good idea," commended father Abraham, who wasn't surprised at the sudden evangelistic fervour that seemed to overcome the once-rich man. "But they have The Writings of Moses. These should suffice."

"The Writings? Those Dead Sea scrolls of years past? What can they do compared to the instant impact of Lazarus rising from the dead? Surely, the testimony of Lazarus will convince my five brothers to change their lifestyle and turn to God."

Father Abraham shook his head from side to side. "If they do not believe The Writings, they will not bulge even if the dead rises up from the grave."

The once-rich man tried to argue further but only a dry gulp of wind went through his scorched throat. In a flash, he recalled how much of The Writings he knew in his lifetime but sadly did not practice...

I have decided afresh to devote my life to the crafting of words, and to help others do the same. Writings, silent messengers on the printed page, wisdom that lingers long after their creators leave the Earth; these have the power to change a generation of people much more effectively than the spectacular, crowd-pulling events that catches everyone's fancy in the church world today. Events are not bad, but they should only affirm and complement The Writings. So said father Abraham (and Jesus who shared the story).

If you are called to produce writings, please do so from your heart, with Spirit. The once-rich men of years past are praying for you to reach their brethren before they cross the point of no return.


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