Friday, 4 September 2009

Unfamiliar paths

We all want God to lead us. We expect Him to. What we don't always want is the unfamiliar paths He sometimes leads us on. These kind of "leadings" reveal the depth of our knowledge of and confidence in Him. Do I know God as the One who knows all things, all paths, the end from the beginning? Am I confident enough to follow Him even when I cannot recognise my surroundings?

Experience is not a bad thing, but if I am always relying on my past experiences and not the Lord, I will end up with limited "new" experiences and remain confined to my yesterday. God is bigger than my yesterday; He holds the key to my tomorrow.

A true well-digger is ready to leave the comfort of the "familiar" and follow God's voice to the Promised Land. A true well-digger will keep on following God no matter the obstacles on the way. If I stop "digging" half-way just because the journey is getting a bit dark and strange, I won't discover the fresh water of life that can bless countless communities. I am a well-digger; I will keep on following. His grace is available, even along unfamiliar paths.

Shepherd of my soul, I give you full control
Wherever You may lead I will follow
I have made a choice, to listen for Your voice
Wherever You may lead I will go


Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 20:55  

I have come to realise that we tend to walk with God based on our head knowledge, the sermons we hear from church or by our own strength. If we can only put our hands in His hands and let Him lead us on, carry us when we are getting the story of the footprints....


Anonymous,  30 January 2011 at 19:32  

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