Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wisdom of the Living One (2)

This post is dedicated to my sister Doja, whose husband, Chris Adun (1964-2009), went to be with the Lord on Saturday morning, August 22.

No one is ever fully prepared for the tragedies of life. And even though Jesus said they will happen, rejoicing in the One who overcame the world is not our usual first reaction. I guess it shows we are still human. After this experience of great loss, Doja has amazingly shown her strong faith in God, with people constantly commenting on how "strong" she's been. But let us not forget that she's still human too.

None of us can imagine the gravity of the situation with Chris - the hospital visits, surgery, time spent at the hospice - with Doja, solidly at his side, still finding time to faithfully minister to others. She continued her weekly 'Song of the Week' post on FB and chose to worship God than complain. That, in my opinion, is one of the secrets of her strength at this time. True worship leads to intimacy, which builds character and fortifies us against the storms of life.

Well done, Doja. Yes you have to be strong, but not in yourself. As "the system" hurries you on and leaves you with little time to mourn, be aware that a fresh wave of reality will hit when Chris's body is laid to rest. Even at this time, I know you will be strong, because "The Living One" is right by your side. Your ability to face the future from then on will rest not on yourself, but on Christ, the Conqueror of death and hades.

Because He lives, you can face tomorrow
Because He lives, all fear is gone
Because you know he holds the future
And life is worth the living just because He lives


renachi renada 26 August 2009 at 18:03  

This is truly beautiful!! You have truly captured the "true essence" of the strength that lies in your sister and my friend/sister, Doja.

It is humbling and amazing, the strength and stoic faith that Doja has shown in the days since the fateful morning of 22nd August, despite the challenging and quite traumatic times of the past weeks/months leading up to it.

Like the amazing woman of God that she is, Doja, continues to faithfully minister to others. We bless her kind and good heart. And "celebrate" in her, The Lord, from Whom she faithfully draws her strength!!

It is well!!

Anonymous,  26 August 2009 at 22:36  

Hmmmm.....thank you!!!!!!!!!


ola-kris 28 August 2009 at 08:54  

Tokunbo,over the years you certainly have not changed in your fervour for God and His word. Now this your Doja,no,our Doja,has trully exhibited the faith of God's son. I have been surprised as well as blessed by her fortitude. I have chosen to speak with her every day,not only to show love,empathy and sympathy, but to show how miserable I feel having to have waited this long to communicate with one who is my family. Doja is my family,just as Linda is. Should we not all show as much love one for another before tragedy strikes.Trully we're so human that,we run to show affection in periods like this only to shrink and back-out as soon as it is "over". Now Doja has so much people around her,nice,but she would be "left" alone pretty soon.We all would go on to "more" pressing legitimate stuffs,and most times though not finding fulfilment in them,only for to pay bills. That is the weakness of US. Jesus would be her only present help. We trully commit this goodly woman unto Christ,to hold and to behold.....we all must somehow get prepared.....for anything....and learn from our Doja that...for us to live is Christ,to die is gain. Honestly, Chris has gained. Doja had faith during these days of waiting for a change in diagnosis for Chris. She still has faith,for she has received the "bad" verdict.(See Heb.11:1-end) We must indeed learn of her faith. She would teach "classes" that orators wont attempt. She's got experience. Let's wait for when she would speak to us of her encounters,fears,devotion,faith or failings in these days and those to come.God bless you Doja....we're all waiting for your manifestations. And Chris,it's just a good nite,sleep well SAINT of our GOD

THIRTY + 29 August 2009 at 14:43  

@Doja, the Lord is your strength and place of refuge.

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