Thursday, 12 February 2009

I can explain!

I can't believe it! Well, I can. I've not blogged for nearly a year! The grace was not just there as it was the first year of blogging. Sorry to all. Sorry Lord!

A lot of things have happened since last entry. I just got busy with a few things. Preparations for History Makers Bible School (, which started last September with Pastor Sunday Adelaja; going full time with the Church work and publishing; family commitments etc. I really had a lot on my plate and could not get to blog as much. I even got sucked into Facebook! Yea, search me out (Israel Emmanuel) and I'll confirm you as a friend!

To God be all the glory for the good things He has done! Life continues. Vision remains intact. Focus is being maintained. Testimonies will abound!

Well, perhaps I am back to blogging. We'll see. I am not really a sophisticated blogger as I don't have the time to add the fancy bits (pics, styles and all). I'm just a writer to the glory of God!

BTW, the new website of our church ( is being launched in a few days (February 15). Can't wait!

Lord, I love you!


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