Friday, 31 August 2007

Who is on the Lord's side? (2)

I went to meet someone at a Christian conference yesterday, and in the course of our meeting I learnt about recent happenings in the States. Well-known ministers separating and another couple fighting in a parking lot! Heart-breaking really, but not entirely surprising.

The line of demarcation is getting clearer in the Church. God's people will have to make a choice between serving God or honouring man. We have become a bunch of idol worshippers with no concept of who the real God of the universe is. Our religious system is so deceptive that we have no idea that God is no longer in the midst.

We can continue to excuse the faults of these Christian celebrities and blame their demise on 'the work of the devil', but the truth of the matter is, we are either on the Lord's side or not. A reformation has begun and we are either flowing with God or resisting Him.

May the Lord touch our hearts and return us to the path of truth.


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