Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Who is on the Lord's side?

Now, things are getting serious in the church world. A great shaking is already on the way, to separate between the true and the false. The Lord is giving a clarion call to His people, summoning those who are ready to identify with His truths completely. He is calling such to stand aside - on His side. All others would be cast far away from His glorious presence.

There can no longer be gray, lukewarm expressions of the faith. We either love Him totally or we do not love Him at all. Only those who love the Lord with all their being will live for Him unreservedly, and be used of Him to shake the nations of the earth. So, are you on the Lord's side? Rise up and be counted!

Lord, I am totally, completely sold out for You! My food is to do Your will and finish Your work!


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