Thursday, 2 August 2007

The lukewarm heart

Cold, lukewarm, hot. Three possible states of the believer's heart. The Lord prefers hot and detests lukewarm. Cold he would not even touch. The problem with lukewarm is that it can give an initial impression of being good enough but once employed, it proves distasteful. Lukewarm may not be cold, but it should not pretend to be hot.

Which am I? How does heaven rate me? Am I useful in the hands of the Master? Am I hot enough for the Spirit of Truth? My God is a consuming fire and if I will walk with Him, I must learn how to burn. If I am not comfortable with burning, I will end up being burnt!

O God, set me ablaze with your holy fire and zeal! May I burn through and through for your glory and praise. Touch my heart with the coals of your altar. Here I am, O Lord, send me. Amen.


Kike Adebiyi,  4 August 2007 at 20:00  

Thanks for this blog. We all need to be reminded that God would have nothing to do with lukewarm christians. I believe this blog has set us thinking.

Tim 1 November 2007 at 00:28  

I'm not sure that it's quite correct to say that God would have nothing to do with lukewarm Christians. Quite the opposite, The Lord is concerned for His lukewarm people "As many as I love, I rebuke"
Yes it's true to say that the state of the lukewarm Christian is not pleasing but God in His wisdom will shortly remedy that situation.
God uses both love and fear to guide us..
1. We are still loved, hence the concern
2. Spewing out - Discipline for those who will not hear.

My concern is that the spewing out is likely to be corporate. i.e. the whole of Israel went into captivity.
I'm not sure I can see how we in comfy western Christianity can be separated from this judgement.
Therefore we have an obligation to stir up our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Let's not separate ourselves as the pharicees did.

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