Tuesday, 4 September 2007

No time to waste!

Having lagged behind in the spirit for so long due to religious apathy, many of us are not aware of the danger of missing God altogether. We have, it seems, been sedated by the comfort zone of churchianity and are unaware of how far we have strayed from the life and realities of God.

It breaks my heart! Where are the manifestations of old that transform society and make the name of the Lord great on the lips of the masses? Where are the revivalists that carry God within and declare His truths without fear? Shall we continue in our traditions and expect grace to continue?

Surely my heart is burdened. It has for quite a while. My decision? I shall not give myself rest until I see the righteousness of God break forth in our nation! Oh that the heavens will tear open and the God of glory shine brightly for all to see! There is no time to waste; we need God now - in His fullness. He is the only hope for Great Britain.

Father, teach me to number my days that I may apply my heart to wisdom. Let every moment be lived for You and for the spread of Your kingdom in the land. Amen.


Babawilly 6 September 2007 at 13:21  

Hi Isreal. Hope all is well. We meet when you came to Ressurection Life assembly (where I used to attend) in Birmingham a while back and I have 2 of your books
Regards to the family

Anonymous,  8 September 2007 at 17:56  

The light is being fanned even as I read this blog

Anonymous,  10 February 2011 at 19:02  

So many people don't care about global warming. They disregard the need for conservation and instead drive SUVs. They don't care about the Federal deficit/debt (outside of partisanship) and they don't care earning $400k for an $80,000/year job will eventually bankrupt the country. They have awarded themselves $400k pay and retirement packages, loading up their friends on the payroll during the boom 90s through the real estate bust while all services which the program were intended to fund now get cut to pay for it.
These people are often common public university labor. Not Ivy League, not private university.
This labor isn't good enough to earn the salaries they are earning. And they understood this when they applied to the public university they settled on.
You can't expect a top-tier salary with a second-rate education.
They think they are going sometime during/at the end of this life, and disregard the poor souls who are left behind.
Sounds like the Italians who were used to plan World War II and the Holocaust, and not by accident.
These are the people who will be here in the United States when bankruptcy is declared and society deteriorates into chaos. And they will deserve the anarchy which ensues.

The gods used the Italians to ruin life in the 20th century.
The gods used the Italians to ruin life in A.D. with The Church.
The Church controlled Western Civilization. As the largest land owner in Europe they controlled the monarchies. They were responsbile for slavery, revenge for African invasion and rape of Italy. They created religious discontent, ultimately leading to the disfavored dumping ground known as the United States.
And each generation of these Italians were sold on "earning", only to be reincarnated as a lesser life form subsequently, punishment for their evil.
"The West Bank, where the end of the world will begin." With xtianity.

The gods are the commensurate rapist pathology, focussed on control. Be it animal migratory patterns, growth rates for plants and trees or human behavior::::The gods feel compelled to control these phenominah if is meets their strategy.
It is appropriate they picked the Italians for the downfall of man. The perception offered is exactly how the gods are. Unfortunate for the Italians, they were deliberately altered to match this pathology so the god's behavior could be justified in the context of the god's positioning.

I may not have learned as much as I have but I WOULD have gotten more done and made more progress, and at the end of this life that's all that matters. We will all be reincarnated and must re-learn about the gods and their methodology in each sucessive life.
The upside down star is my symbol. There is of course no Satan. That's just the gods with different clothes on.
You're all in big, big trouble. Everyone who failed to ascend before 1900 is. But the importance of this Situation is to ensure people learn the god's system while they have enough time to fix their relationship and ascend before The End.
Don't forget:::Ascending into "heaven" is not the same as entering clone hosting. One is good while the other is evil. The clue is their request to work multiple clone hosts to "earn", for if you were welcome into heaven you would be invited directly. My example of someone who ascended is John Muir. His "fake" went on to accomplish BUT NOT IN A DISCIPLINE WHICH HURT PEOPLE OR PROVIDED FOR SOME TEMPTATION. What happens after speaks volumes.
You're on the clock. This is where the cream rises to the top.

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