Friday, 3 August 2007

Keeping it hot!

It is not enough to be hot; we have to maintain the fire of the Spirit and fan our passion to continuous flame. If care is not taken, the icy world of cares and worry will cool off the once-on-fire heart. Great responsibility it is, to keep ourselves hot in and for God.

Spiritual fire is maintained from the inside out; not from the outside in. Conferences and programmes may have an effect, but if we do not learn how to ignite our inner man in the secret place, abiding in close proximity to the Consuming Fire Himself, we run the risk of being mere cold conference attenders. God needs those who will affect their communities with the fire they carry; not those who get dampened by the community. Destiny is only fulfilled where there is passion - red hot passion.

So, keep it hot and never give in to the surrounding iciness. Sooner or later, one will crumble in total subjection - hopefully the surrounding and not you!

I am on top and not beneath! I am hot and not cold! I abide in Your presence most high God and delight in the words of Your mouth. Set me alight continually for your glory and let the world see Your light in me. Amen.


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