Sunday, 13 May 2012

Water from within vs. Water from without

The moment we come to Christ and drink of His Spirit, a well of living water is formed within us, springing up to life eternal.  It is from this inner well that our nourishment and fulfilment is derived.  Also, this inner well of the Spirit sustains against a backdrop of external famine and hardship.  The confusion that many believers find themselves in on a daily basis is the constant need to petition heaven for a change in their dry, external circumstances, when they are meant to thrive in the midst of every circumstance and through faith in and obedience to God, change every unfavourable circumstance.  When Christians ignore the abundance of "water" within them, they will go from one place to another in search of external "water" that can never satisfy.

Christ has done it all!  We need to appreciate and appropriate what He has already done within us, and with Him transform the parched world around us.  If only God's people will understand this afresh!  If we do, many gatherings that promise circumstantial breakthroughs without refocusing the believer on what has already broken forth within them will lose their appeal.  Charlatans who exploit the ignorance of believers and charge them heavily for the promise of external refreshment will lose their crowds too.

The transition from being a mere water-drinker to a significant well-digger starts from here, because only those who are connected to Christ on the inside will be used of Him to transform life on the outside.  Think about this and gain wisdom.


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