Saturday, 12 May 2012

Only Well-diggers can change the nation!

The Church that Jesus envisioned, the one for which He laid down His life, is to be full of people who through their relationship with God bring transformation and blessing to their world.  For some reason, our worship houses are teeming over with a different kind of people - a people who relate with God primarily for their own blessings and transformation.  These are a people who forget that they are already blessed with everything in Christ; that they already have the well of the Spirit inside of them and simply need to allow Him to flow into everything around them.  It really matters how we see ourselves and our association with the Almighty.

Mere water-drinkers in the Church cannot bring change to the nation.  Only well-diggers have the vision to transform the land promised to them by God.  The Earth is truly the Lord's and we all have a duty to establish His rule in it through well-digging.  Let the life within you find expression in your world without any restriction, and you will be known as a builder of broken walls, a blessing to many.

Lord, I am a well-digger!


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