Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Roots of the Righteous

Believers, the ones who follow hard after God, are likened to trees planted by the river whose roots go deep down to the place of unlimited supply.  It matters where you are planted and to whom you are connected.

If we will thrive as God's people on the earth, we need to cherish our connection with the Lord and His Spirit.  It is the most important thing about our existence and destiny.  This place of connection is hidden from view, just as a tree's roots are not visible above the earth.  The things we do when no one is there to observe are the most crucial to our Christian walk.  They reveal the kind of root structure we have developed over time.

The Lord should be our ONLY source; He should be the One who sustains and preserves us; He should be the One who determines our identity.  However, these will be the truth of our life if we are rooted in Him - not in the world; not in man; not in the things that we possess.

There is a shaking that is already here, and only those who have their roots in God will remain unshakeable.  Lord, you are my everything!

(More on The Roots of the Righteous later...)


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