Thursday, 10 May 2012

Getting ready to publish the message!

It's time I get back to blogging.  Left it now for far too long!  It's all the more necessary now that I am getting ready to publish the transformational message God has imprinted upon my heart for a number of years: The Well-digger Message.

I was probably not aware of the depth of what the Lord was inscribing upon my heart when I first preached on Becoming a Well-digger.  It was at Cornerstone Christian Centre in Bromley, UK, in December 2005.  A year later, I published the book The Secret of Abraham, which introduced the Well-digger revelation.  Now, in the middle of 2012, the time is right for the message.

Every God-breathed word is a double edged sword that cuts deep to the heart of man.  This message will cut and will also heal.  This message will produce a Kingdom people with a Kingdom mindset.  May the voice of the Lord be heard across the land as the message is declared to all who have ears to hear. Amen.


Jimmy,  12 May 2012 at 08:51  

Hi Well-Digger,
I too am a well digger, starting my journey in 2006. Your blog has gave me a buzz reading it, and will come back to follow your journey.

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