Monday, 28 May 2007

For the children

Early this bank holiday morning, my two children, one after the other, came to join my wife and I in our bed, squashing their way into the duvet. Yesterday, it was the same story. As I watched them, I began to think that no sacrifice is too much to give these growing souls a good foundation and a legacy of all-round success.

There is no point in 'making it' without 'making them.' The children should be one of the main motivations for all our efforts in life. Whoever else will partake of our grace, they must experience it first. What a responsibility. It transcends just putting food on the table and taking them to school. They have a purpose to fulfil in life and we can influence it for good (or worse) every moment of the day. Whoever does not care for them in this way is worse than an infidel. So says the Holy Writ.

Lord, I commit my children to you. Help me to be a good role model for them in every sense of the word. Amen


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