Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Following God (2)

If only we allow God to lead the way! No wonder why we're told not to lean on our own understanding. The problem most of the time is that our agenda clashes with God's. We want one thing, God wants another. We want to do things this way, He wants to do it that way. The Spirit and the flesh are constantly battling.

I must come to that place of complete surrender. For one, I don't have an agenda to pursue (should not have). It is God's will done in God's way, accomplishing God's results for God's glory. Why struggle with my Maker? Do I know more than He does? The secret of rest and peace is acknowledging God as Leader and following His lead. This is why the Holy Spirit dwells in us. This is the secret of exploits.

Father, I completely yield myself to Your will and Your way. No more struggle! I choose faith over doubt. I choose obedience over rebellion. I choose the Kingdom over my ambitions. I choose You and You alone. Amen.


Anonymous,  22 May 2007 at 10:51  

Thanks pastor Israel, your posts are quite inspirational and encouraging.

sunil kumar 31 May 2007 at 11:54  

Hello sir if you are telling god is everything , you are absolutly right , god is most most powerful than everbody he is creator of this world , we are pupet in His hand, as he want we have to dance. thank you ,and continue your mission

Titi.O,  19 July 2007 at 15:36  

have thine own way Lord, Have thine own way, thou art the porter and I am the clay. Mould me and make me after thine will, while am waiting yielded to thee. Be still my soul the Lord is on my side... Consecrate me Lord to do your wwill. All we need is to bask in His grace where nothing else matter but to be with Him. For by strength shall no man prevail. Grace Lord, more Grace

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