Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Following God (3)

Why does God take us through long, winding paths? Surely, there are 'shorter' routes to our Promised Land? This is how we think many times, indirectly implying that God is 'slow' or that there errors in His judgements. But is this really so?

The path that we think is 'quicker' may not lead to His destination for our lives. Such 'quick' routes offer little eternal lessons, leaving us lean in our souls and void of wisdom. What will we pass on to others if we have not learnt anything ourselves?

Also, 'quicker' does not necessarily mean 'better' (it will usually end up being longer anyway). Only in retrospect do we come to respect God's ability to see the end from the beginning. He is not slow concerning His promise; He is, rather, always on time.

All things work together for the good of those who choose to follow God. You may not know the routes He will take you through, but you can surely trust the One who is leading the way. Therefore, follow Him closely, wherever He leads. You will be better equipped for purpose if you follow God's path.

Lord, I will follow you wherever you lead.


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