Sunday, 20 May 2007

Be Strong! (2)

This admonition is important because our natural tendency is to gravitate towards weakness. It takes conscious effort to move in the direction of strength. Again, without any deliberate upward force, it is natural for things to be pulled downward. So, "be strong" is a wake-up call that keeps us vigilant against the forces of weakness.

We are called to do exploits, but we need to walk in the knowledge of God and be strong in Him. God will give grace, but we need to be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. This is a daily commitment and not a one-time accomplishment.

Be strong! Only the strong overcome adversity and break through barriers. Be strong! Do all you need to do to walk in the might of the Lord. Pray, fast, study, work on yourself. After all has been done, stand in the strength of the Almighty!

Thank you for your strength O Lord!


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