Thursday, 26 April 2007

The value of work

We were created to be productive. When our potential is engaged in fruitful endeavour, we feel fulfilled. When they lie fallow and unused, we feel frustrated. I learnt this in a new way today.

I did not have any defined goals or tasks to accomplish at work yesterday. It was not an enjoyable day. In contrast, I was given a whole load of data to work through today, with clear assignments and targets. It was a good day without the headache I was having yesterday.

The body reacts negatively to idleness. We function optimally when we are creative and stimulated to productivity. This experience inspired me to commit myself to productive engagement in work. I am created to create. Thank you Lord.


titi,  19 July 2007 at 15:31  

very true Sir... I detest idleness. Its very draining... but sometimes when i dont have specit line ups I reflect and rest in the solace of Gods Word...

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