Sunday, 22 April 2007

Circumcision of the heart

Just came back from church, where I preached on Crucified With Christ. We have been looking at circumcision for a while, a necessary step for entering into God's fullness. Death has to work in us for God's life to flow through us, and there is no other way round this level of sacrifice.

There are alternative "gospels" out there, but God only approves of the message of the cross. Not just the cross that Christ died upon, but the one we need to carry daily. "I die daily" is the true confession of someone who has chosen God's away above man's.

Thank God for the word that is able to give us an inheritance amongst the saints. May the Spirit of truth continue to guide us into all that the Father has for us. The truth that we know in our experience will surely bring us freedom and authority. May your word change our hearts for good and forever. Amen.


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