Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The pursuit of happyness

I was deeply touched after watching the story of Chris Gardner, acted by Will Smith and his son Jader (The Pursuit of Happyness). My wife and I then watched it together and she was equally touched. Why were we so moved? Well, not only was the film well-produced, everyone can gain inspiration from a determined and successful pursuit of a well-defined dream. "Happyness" is the dream of the whole of humanity (if only we would know the Source of True Joy!).

Even entire nations are in pursuit of happiness and prosperity. The nation of Nigeria just concluded their presidential elections and for many, there is still a way to go before achieving the dream of national happiness. The journey towards attainment is more important than the attainment itself - which is why we cannot give up pursuit.

I confess that my eyes were teary after watching "The Attainment." When you look back, every sacrifice will prove worthwhile. God gives grace to those who are determined to run the race. Lord I receive!


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