Friday, 15 July 2011

Offences! (1)

I recently found in the book Matthew, a statement Christ made about offenses. It just stood out to me and left an indelible mark upon my heart. After seeing this statement, I understood more than ever before why the Lord used very strong words whenever He discussed the matter. The statement I found is strong and true.

In Matthew 18:7, the first part, Jesus said, "Woe to the world because of offenses!" What a precise statement of fact. If there is anything that has caused much moral and spiritual decay in the world today, it is offenses. In fact, the first sin man created was facilitated by an offense at God. The devil succeeded in making Eve think that God was keeping something good from them, and this thought process led to rebellion and sin. What about the murder of Abel by Cain, was it not because of the feeling of offense aimed at God and Abel?

I have found out that some of the most frustrated believers today, not to talk of those who are not in the faith, do not know the reality of peace with God and the peace of God. They are offended at what they consider to be God's slowness or His seemingly uncaring attitude to their predicaments. This offense at God so easily manifests as offense at man - the root of a million atrocities in this life.

Woe to the world because of offenses! How true. Every war, feud, genocide and disharmony since the beginning of time has offenses written all over them. Just a little feeling of offense, real or perceived, is enough to cause unspeakable havoc between people and nations. Offenses have literally tipped us all in the direction of irreversible destruction. If not for the cross of Christ, the rock of offense that corrects this deadly imbalance, the world would have imploded long time ago. The privilege we have in Christ is the ability to lay hold of divine wisdom that can help us maintain an offense-free heart in an offense-ridden world. We need not be victims of the world's woes. We can find refuge in Christ and be partakers of the divine nature of God - our only guarantee of a life of victory over the force of offenses.

Thank you Jesus for this immeasurable victory!

(To be continued...)


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