Wednesday, 7 November 2007

What must we now do? (2)

Comment: I strongly believe it all starts from and with "Love", but how can we really love people the way God wants us to?

I cannot agree with rinsola more. Everything begins and ends with Love. If we are going to make a difference in the land of our calling, we must be living emissaries of God's love in our spheres of influence. However, the reason why I want to provoke us all to ask pertinent questions about the practice of our faith is that, in my opinion, the church world, consciously or unconsciously, has created a culture where if we love at all, it is ourselves we love.

We go to church for ourselves, pray and fast for ourselves, give offerings for ourselves (a hundred fold return!), go to work for ourselves (pay cheque)... we are always anticipating a breakthrough for ourselves... everything else comes second place. I may be guilty of generalising, but I am aware of my responsibility to provoke God's people to "love and good deeds" (Hebrews 11:24). So, there you go!

Love is certainly the answer, but even this right answer beckons the question "how can we really love people the way God wants us to?" This is why I want us all to continue asking questions! The messages we hear in church ought to be answers to deep questions (deep calls unto deep); they should intentionally prepare us for our unique ministries of love. In essence, if we are really ready to "love the way God wants us to," we must first hunger and thirst for a fresh revelation of this love - the breath, the height, the depth and the width of it! (Ephesians 3:17,18). We cannot demonstrate it if we do not understand it (and if we do not live out the little we comprehend, more insight will not come to us from above).

A shift is necessary in the church today, an urgent return to our "first love". Loving God in truth is the first commandment that fulfils every law. The outflow of this is practical love towards the unloved around us... But what does it mean to love God and who are the unloved that need our love? (Questions, more questions!).

There's surely more to come on this love thing!

Father, if I have made myself and my goals the object of my pursuits, forgive me.

If I have relegated You to second place in my thoughts, forgive me.

If my the bulk of my time is spent bettering my life rather than enriching my relationship with You and serving others, please forgive me.

If I am only consumed about the state of my life and am not sensitive to the condition of others around me, dear Lord forgive me.

Teach me love. Teach me to love. And may there be a fresh revolution of love in Your Church, starting with me. Thanks Lord!


Rinsola 7 November 2007 at 15:39  

Submission of our entire being to His direction and authority would get us on the road to how we can love the way He wants us to. (It's difficult, but thats why it's a sacrifice). I'm praying and working towards getting to that level someday.
I've learnt that when you love someone or something so much, it includes your faith, trust, reliance, expectation, and joy in that person. The thought of what or who you love just makes you excited, that person or thing can never go wrong, you want to go an extra mile in defending such love. The love, loves you back, and that alone fills you up. But no matter how we try to cut slacks so we can fit that someone or something into the category of true love, it can never be compared to God and His love for us.
I remember an answer from God to one of my questions "I'm not saying trust him, I'm saying trust ME with him". He loves me so much to want to put my trust in man, right? (Which brings me to another question) But how can i live with this man if i can't trust him.
But like you wrote and i loved it "deep calls unto deep". I've got questions, so much questions to ask. Have a great week

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