Friday, 23 November 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 23

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I was tagged by a blogging friend to give God thanks today - for today and everyday, and everything. Thank you Father for putting it in the mind of my co-blogger to tag me (now, that's a good place to start!).

Truth is, there is always a thousand and one things to thank God for if we think hard enough, and even when you try to think of one, that special one, you get lost in thought. This is why overflowing thankfulness should be our way of life, not for any favour or breakthrough, but because our good Lord is worthy of thanks (interesting, I preached on this a year ago - I hope I've lived up to the message! Want to listen? Click here!)...

Father, I am grateful to You for You, Your love, grace and faithfulness.
I thank You for always being there, through the years, through the tears.
I thank You for Your mercies that You extend to me, every now and again.
I thank You for calling me by name, before I popped out of my mother's womb.
I thank You for pouring Yourself in me, Your gifts and Your grace.
I thank You for revealing Your life in and manifesting Your goodness through me.
I thank You for leading me to where I am today.
I thank You for the last 13 years with Linda, and the 8 years before then.
I thank You for Destiny and Daniel, the fruit of our union to date.
I thank You for all the pain that love has conquered.
I thank You for all the love that pain cannot conquer.
I thank You for what you have in store for those who love You.
I thank You for revival that is looming in the air.
I thank You, I thank You, I thank You!
For the opportunity to thank You, Father, I thank You...

I tag my sister Kike, Daughter of Encouragement, (who got me blogging) and Sisbee (who, I think, got me into this great circle of bloggers!)... Let the thankfulness flow, I mean overflow!


Rinsola 28 November 2007 at 05:25  

Thank you for thanking Him. I'm thankful to God for your life. Hope ur week is coming on well?

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