Friday, 2 November 2007

What must we now do? (1)

"Dear pastor what must we do now in practical terms? I am a Christian who wants to make a change."

In response to the above comment by one of my readers to the post of October 26, I want to begin sharing a few things as the Lord leads. Firstly, this is the right question to ask! Until we realise that a change is necessary, we would not enquire on how we need to change or what needs to change. Worse still, we will continue in our error and not attain the mark set by God. Remember the day of Pentecost? "What must we now do" is the place to start.

Questions are powerful, especially if we ask them from the right sources - those that can deliver the right answers. Sadly, the church world is conditioned in such a way that discourages God's people from asking questions. Whatever the 'man of God' says is taken as the gospel truth, when a simple, genuine interrogation, especially for clarity, will reveal what lies underneath. The disciples asked questions of Jesus, and likewise, Jesus asked questions of them. The Lord did not just assume that they understood what He taught them; He gave time to the asking and answering of questions.

So, what must we begin to do in order to see change in the church world and consequently in the nation? We need to show the Lord that we are ready to learn afresh by asking pertinent questions about ourselves and the practice of our faith. God is committed to teaching us only when we come to Him to learn. He is also determined to give us teachers after His own heart who will lead us on the paths of righteousness. Let us ask and we shall receive.

Ok, this seems basic, but let us do it. Let us pause. Selah. Reflect and make enquiry. I wrote a book in 2000, The Charismatic Agenda, to provoke people into asking questions. (Visit and you will find out how to receive a free copy).

I will continue to answer this question, and if you feel the need to, you can question my answer!


Rinsola 6 November 2007 at 05:15  

I strongly believe it all starts from and with "Love", but how can we really love people the way God wants us to?

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