Saturday, 8 September 2007

Season of fulfilment

Yes, we are already in the time for the culmination of all things. Those who are in tune with God will find their steps ordered of God and unusual favour on their paths for fulfilling purpose. There is no time for game playing; only those who are passionate about purpose will know the manifest presence of God that makes things happen supernaturally.

This is the time I have been called for. This is the season that puts the years of waiting in perspective. God is not slack concerning His promise. Now is the due time for manifestation of eternal promises.

"So, lift up your eyes," I say to myself. "The harvest is plentiful and you are destined to be a labourer. Be found faithful in this season of fulfilment, for the Lord cometh and His reward is with Him."

Come, Lord Jesus!


Babawilly 14 September 2007 at 12:13  

Quite unprecedented- having a Church at the United Nations. Is this a first? Kudos to Pastor Adelaja
I here the guy preaches in the Russian language. He is a good export for Nigeria.

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