Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Global gathering of champions

I heard the Lord speak a word in my spirit. He said that He is gathering His champions together for concerted spiritual battle and extensive Kingdom advance. Mighty men and women of valour will begin to locate each other and team up for great exploits. The purpose is one: for God's glory to engulf every nation on earth and for His kingdom to come in the fullness that is ordained for this time.

God's champions are not those that we can easily point to in the natural. (Unfortunately, we so easily operate in the flesh and judge by the seeing of the eyes). Also, God's champions are not those who have sought for so long to occupy positions of importance in the Church. God's champions are those who have learnt what it means to persevere in the wilderness of affliction; those who treasure the friendship of God in the midst of tribulation; those who have refused to bow their knees to other gods when others have found it the most convenient thing to do. These are God's champions, people ready to strive together for the faith of the gospel of Christ.

Heaven is drawing near to earth. Through this generation's champions of faith the knowledge of the Holy will spread abroad. Manifestations of power will abound and all the glory will be to the Lord Most High. Let no one who has faithfully waited on the Lord despair in this hour. The season of divine exaltation has come. But let those who have focused their energies on prospering themselves through lies and deceit be full of dread, for the Lord is determined to repay the wicked for all the evil they have done in His name. The Lord is in His Temple, let all the earth tremble before Him.

Father, have Your way in Your Body. Let Your agenda roll out with speed and finality. Let those who fear Your name draw near. Let those who have abandoned The Way be convicted of their error. In all things, let Your will be done. Gather Your people from the four corners of the earth and empower us both to do Your will and finish Your work. Amen.


Thursday, 13 September 2007

Reformation Spirit!

If I would summarise what I see the Lord doing in the Church today, only two words will suffice: Reformation Spirit! (with the exclamation mark please!!). God is raising up those of whom He has spoken long ago, a violent and focused people who desire nothing other than the purposes of God's Kingdom. I am not shy to admit that I am one of such, and it is encouraging to meet more of the same kind every day.

The last few weeks in particular have been interesting. The Reformation Spirit seems to loom closer to earth than it has ever done in recent times. Men and women are coming out of the wilderness and into the harvest fields of the earth. I see new works being commissioned, creative initiatives being embarked upon, kingdom prayers being offered to the heavens. Believe me, something is about to hit the earth so strong!

One major happening in the Church of late, which signifies the beginning of a global outbreak of God's final Reformation Agenda, is the fresh emphasis in the ministry of Pastor Sunday Adelaja, senior pastor of Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, Kiev, Ukraine. As if the kingdom impact he has experienced in Ukraine is not enough, God is now leading him first to hand over the work in Kiev to someone else and secondly, to devote his energy to the next phase of his ministry. What is this "next phase"? To bring reformation to the body of Christ worldwide; to see a total shift in the way we do church. Talk about Reformation Spirit!

This is no joke. God means business. He has moved the cloud of glory from where we think it is to where He wants it to be. The Lord has ordained unprecedented progress in the Church at this time, the effects of which will be seen and felt in every nation of the world. What He has started no one can stop. The question to ponder on is: Am I a part of what God is doing or only a part of what God has done? Am I living in past glory or following the Spirit of glory? Am I a force in God's movement or an old block in man's monuments? Child of God, do not take these promptings lightly. They may be the difference between life and death; between being used of God and being discarded by God. The choice is yours.

If you want to read a bit more about Pastor Sunday Adelaja's fresh ministry focus, click here. (The focus is first on the Church in America, but also, simultaneously, on the Church all over the world).

If you want to listen to relevant, pungent messages about the Kingdom of God, learn from Pastor Sunday by visiting his site www.pastorsunday.com (Highly recommended. I did this almost everyday in 2005, and still do. I have never remained the same since).

If you want to know more about Embassy of God and the recent invitation for the church to be a member of the United Nations, click here.

If you want to receive articles about the present Reformation season, leave a comment after reading this blog or email me at: israel@bwam.org

If you are passionate about seeing Reformation in the United Kingdom and want to join others in corporate all-night prayers, also email me at: admin@reformingbritain.org.uk

Father, may Your people be willing in the day of Your power!


Saturday, 8 September 2007

Season of fulfilment

Yes, we are already in the time for the culmination of all things. Those who are in tune with God will find their steps ordered of God and unusual favour on their paths for fulfilling purpose. There is no time for game playing; only those who are passionate about purpose will know the manifest presence of God that makes things happen supernaturally.

This is the time I have been called for. This is the season that puts the years of waiting in perspective. God is not slack concerning His promise. Now is the due time for manifestation of eternal promises.

"So, lift up your eyes," I say to myself. "The harvest is plentiful and you are destined to be a labourer. Be found faithful in this season of fulfilment, for the Lord cometh and His reward is with Him."

Come, Lord Jesus!


Tuesday, 4 September 2007

No time to waste!

Having lagged behind in the spirit for so long due to religious apathy, many of us are not aware of the danger of missing God altogether. We have, it seems, been sedated by the comfort zone of churchianity and are unaware of how far we have strayed from the life and realities of God.

It breaks my heart! Where are the manifestations of old that transform society and make the name of the Lord great on the lips of the masses? Where are the revivalists that carry God within and declare His truths without fear? Shall we continue in our traditions and expect grace to continue?

Surely my heart is burdened. It has for quite a while. My decision? I shall not give myself rest until I see the righteousness of God break forth in our nation! Oh that the heavens will tear open and the God of glory shine brightly for all to see! There is no time to waste; we need God now - in His fullness. He is the only hope for Great Britain.

Father, teach me to number my days that I may apply my heart to wisdom. Let every moment be lived for You and for the spread of Your kingdom in the land. Amen.


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